Jim's Diary, 23rd February 2104 (Part 2)

            It was a disease. One of those new ones that spreads and spreads, from epidemic to pandemic, until everybody is either panicking or convinced it’s just another false alarm. Like bird flu, or swine flu.

            If only everybody had known the truth about this one, I think more of them would have been panicking. They would have taken precautions, and more of them would have lived. As it is, they didn’t. They’re all gone, now.

            There were two ways in which this disease was different.

            It wasn’t natural. That was the first one. This was one of those viruses that you hear rumours about, how they escaped from the experimental Government laboratories, infecting everybody.

            It was genetically modified, for research purposes. And it was superbly dangerous, fast spreading and unstoppable, a killer disease. I don’t know why it was in the lab in the first place, or how it got there. Weren’t the scientists afraid of catching it and passing it around the human race in general? Perhaps they weren’t sure of the danger.

            It seems risky enough to me, but what do I know? I’m just a kid. Before everything went wrong, I hadn’t even finished school, though I was coming up to my final year.

            The other way in which this disease was different was the speed at which it acted. It spread from person to person during contact of only a few seconds. Once they had caught it, people were coughing up blood within hours. After a day they went mad, setting fire to their own homes and families. After two days they were dead.

The End

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