Evolutionary Dead End

Where 'Dead End' means dead.
4 freaks. 4 fights for survival.
One new world. One new race.

I was never scared of anything when I was young. I didn’t see that there was anything to be scared of. I cradled the spiders that sent my friends running away screaming, and embraced the dark from which they fled.

Nothing scared me, except being alone.

I didn’t want to grow up lonely, in an empty house. It was always my worst fear to be one of these people who grows old and dies with nobody to sit by their bedside or help them into their favourite chair. Loneliness was my only fear.

So I guess it’s kind of ironic that I ended up alone. Maybe there’s someone out there, playing games with the lives of men. And because I was afraid of solitude, I’m here on my own, at the end of everything. Sitting in a cave on the mountainside, like one of my prehistoric ancestors, with nobody else around.

And I am alone – more alone than I’ve ever been. Perhaps more alone than anyone will ever be.

You see, I’m the only one left.

The End

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