- So all my family except my brother is dead? - Asked Andrew hiccups.
- Yes .. And your brother is like us. We must find him quickly, before the Evolut find, you can not remember when it thought when embraced? - Kanye asked.
- We were going to Brazil on vacation, beach, sun and parties, I think that sent to it, I do not know - he said.
- You can move the other TV without the need to go together, that means that maybe you can get it, look to concentrate on his brother e. .. I do not know the hand point to that place - Kanye said pointing to the bottom of the One Penn Plaza parking - you said that the television when the carried embraced, may be stupid but many powers out of the hands.
- Ta legal. - Said Andrew away.
- Hey ... I had not touched me for one thing. - Ethan said - as you know all of this on the advanced?
- Why I was in Evolut of London, but a friend warned me about Activina and then I fled, the day of the attack, I stole a boat and arrived here about two days. And you lived here?
- I have always lived here, but leaves much of the city and the parents ... What do you think that Bones is going to do with dead people? You think he can control them to do the will of him? - Ethan asked the voice shake.
- Bones is the best controller of minds that exist, not because he has a brilliant talent, but because of his age. - Kanye said watching his brother Andrew trying to bring back.
- How so? How old is he? - Asked Erick.
- Approximately 360 years. And he is no exception. One of our genetic gains is we become immortal ... But understand, we are technically immortal, if we hurt anyone in the well, but if someone off our heads, over. But if anyone hurt us, to get crazy and live in the killing - said, and suddenly his eyes were staring - What ... - Give me back my brother Andrew screamed - What was that?
Kanye got up and ran toward Andrew, all the others did the same.
- Andrew, as you think now? - Kanye asked pulling the elbow by Andrew and observing - Think with more intensity and keep the arm stretched.
- O.K. - Andrew said confused.
Andrew deep breath and pulled the air again, his lips moved fast, he thought so intensely that the brother could see him. He stretched his arm and then everyone saw what Kanye had seen. A sort of silver vein down the neck of Andrew, it was to the back of the shoulder and down the back of the arm and forearm until your hand. A white flash lit the parking that was illuminated by torches.
- He has ... Well, he did not object bent, bend the space again, but to open a black hole. A Darkhole, is impressive. Now depart, I will go and bring the brother of Andrew ...
- Just to be father, black holes bend space and time.
- And you are talking about ... you have a child, I find his brother, show me how it is - Ethan said, looking at the vortex.
- O.K. - Kanye replied.
Kanye focused on the image of the brother of Andrew and Ethan put in mind of the image.
- Be right back - Ethan approached the vortex and stretched his right hand every time it approached the vortex Ethan felt a power inside of you growing.
When he approached most of the tip vortex of his fingers touched it, it was as if all the energy is spread, his hand moved further into the vortex, and that part was there were no more the fingers, were a spectrum black.
- He it dematerialisation, the vortex is moving in their molecules alias is a vortex space, double the space the separated molecules him - said Tom - Ethan, focuses this energy you feel, and release it into the vortex - said Tom after reading the mind of Ethan.
Ethan seats and entered the vortex.
It was the worst feeling he s tried. It was as if his body had turned besides smoke, cut off in parts, but before he could think to scream, all over, he now flew by air, fell when he saw who was lying on soft sand, a noise came tranquilizer a seat next to him ... Waves? - If asked.
Ethan stood up and saw it was on a beach. A gloomy darkness dominated the beach. He ran up the street and looked at the sides and a hope was totaled. A kid like Andrew was lying in a bank, men are close across the street.
Ethan slowly approached the boy. He looked for men who were now standing.
- Kevin? - Called by the name that Andrew said to be his brother.
- Andrew! - Said the boy was becoming desperate.
- No. I am not Andrew, but I came to send him in the way that we are friends. - Said Ethan approaching fast - he sent me to take you back, you okay? - Asked.
- Where it is? You is not his friend in Los Angeles.
- No I am not. He is in New York, and you disappeared and he appeared in another place you know you and your brother are ...
Kevin interrupted the.
- Evolved. And I know, I discovered yesterday when man attacked me - he said the men head across the street - were saying things in Portuguese I think, I just felt that I had stolen the place of them or something, and I I was nervous and something happened, they all went running yesterday were only three which means that they will attack again but are afraid you are like me. But then as we go back? - Asked Kevin diverting the eyes of men across the street.
- This is the same question that I was doing, he said nothing, but going to the place where I lay, could facilitate - Ethan said pointing to the sand.
- They will attack us. I'm feeling it. What can you do?
- Distance, and I am very good at fighting. I did Kung Fu and Judo.
- I do not know what I can do, but when I'm near the sand is and how to be part of it - he said the sand looking for men and around the sand.
- Well if you feel better then go, you may be a modifier of body ... Kanye then you explained - said when Kevin appeared not understand - I going?
- O.K. but stay tuned. When they start to remove the saw up. - Kevin said if the bank raising.
Ethan and Kevin started to walk and then you can see or rather do not see anything wrong in the city, had not upset cars, destroyed buildings and debris of aircraft, or a dead person.
- Nothing happened here? or an accident? - Asked surprised.
- What are you talking ta? - Kevin said.
- Kevin ... The cities of our country ... Well I do not know if any good but it seems that part of this ...
- Caution! - Kevin exclaimed.
The men who were across the street were now a few steps away from Ethan and Kevin, one of them came forward with a wooden bat in hand, he exclaimed something in Portuguese, Ethan did not understand anything, but Kevin reflected what he could understand.
- They say we are monsters and we should die! - Kevin exclaimed.
- We will die if anyone I guarantee that we will not be us. - Urrou Ethan.
The man crossed the distance between him and Ethan, the bat in hand to your head, he fell with the bat. The Ethan stopped and pulled him from the hand of man - a mortal hatred touched inside, and then happened: The feeling of energy back and then expanding it to completely released. When looked at your hands - if they still had the white would be - they had become a black mist, and was not just his hands, his feet had become mist and she climbed on his leg. The mist rose from where your arm out, the mist opened their skin, but what comes out of there was mist, and then a few more seconds he did not see his body, his vision was clearer than ever, and with it he can see the fear in the face of the stamp that the little man the attack.
Ethan thought as to when the idea arose in his mind, he advanced and swallowed the man with the mist, when he felt the breath of the man followed her inside and the body of the man when he came completely on man to feel it again his legs, but they were not his. He was controlling the man, and now only needed to do something.
- Kevin is away - said Ethan by man.
Kevin moved away.
Ethan began to expand and opened tiny cracks in the skin of humans, leaving little by little, a few seconds after he was already out and the man fell on the floor. Ethan threatened to move against the other men who watched terrified, when the mist / Ethan progressed they ran.
- Ethan? - Kevin asked.
The mist turned and said:
- I am ... Cool I can speak, and now I can fly ... If safe, can be a little uncomfortable ...
The mist moved to Kevin, but not the invasion was only around him as a black armor. Kevin as a penalty is taken from the floor and taken to the dark sky.
They traveled at a speed, it was as if Ethan was a fighter pilot and a Kevin.
- This is too ... You know the saying about time we fly? - Ethan asked.
- No. But we are already in America. - Kevin said.
- From what you told me the cities were destroyed, look down.
Ethan looked down and the image the left wonder. The city that he be held Miami was completely devastated, Ethan saw two people running down the street - they fleeing the soldiers of Evolut.
Ethan worried eyes ran down the street and hastened his heart more than I was. In one corner - for which the double run - had a team uniform attire of the American army.
- Kevin we have to help - said Ethan starting to fall.
- You sure? - Asked, voice full of concern.
- We can not let them die, and has two of our ... - Kevin - be safe, I'll leave you with the soldiers.
Kevin built again.
Ethan fell in shot toward the soldiers, Kevin is prepared ... And Ethan hit the floor. Some soldiers shout in fright and moved away. Ethan expanded its mist to cover all the soldiers, then that Kevin fell down he materialized again.
When the mist turned away the soldiers pointed their weapons to Kevin and Ethan.
- Freeze! - Exclaimed one.
- Oh! Easy there. We come help you. Leave to spend with those damn bullets Evolut. - Ethan exclaimed - I said I am not an enemy of you ... If I was that I materialized in front of you? - Asked.
- Lower your arms ... Go! - Cried a voice from the back of all when no one lowered the gun.
- Thanks. I'm Ethan. - Ethan said.
- General Grissom. Then you can even help us? - Asked the man who screamed, now out of the way of soldiers.
- Of course ... I can cover them while you run and hide, so I sure I will after you OK?
- For me it's okay ...
- I am with you. - Said that Ethan has evolved along with another run.
It was a girl. His eyes were brown and her hair was black, it seemed like a super model. She viewed Ethan waiting for a response.
- All right - said Ethan - Now go and hide.
- I'm gonna be - said Kevin was raised.
- Do not you have to stay with them, you do not know what you can do.
- First I know. Second you do not ask her what she does.
- What ... What can you do? - Asked if turning to the girl.
- I can convert matter into energy. - She said. His voice seemed to touch a harp.
- Explain.
- I can turn a stone into destructive energy, so simple, like a cannon. - She said.
- And you? - Ethan asked back to Kevin.
He said nothing just pointed to the place where he had fallen.
- You sit there? - Confused and said sarcastic.
- Not so. Look to the asphalt, I open the ... I understand that I am very close to earth, sand ... You understand ... I can handle it.
- Then do something.
- Look we do not have time will you dust ... - Said the General Grissom surprised but remained silent.
Kevin with just a movement of the hands has meant that the entire road is open and reveal a hole in the ground and made another move he has made the land rise forming a spine of earth and stones.
- This is very good ... But you'll have to go protect them, and make walls and trenches to prevent passing cars ... Hey Kevin I said to his brother that lead you back, so please go with them and protect.
- Okay. So I think I will have enough action - said getting closer to Ethan.
He stretched a hand to hold Ethan.
- Take care. We will find us soon.
- O.K.

- The plan is this: you launch a distance in their car, I will cover you and shoot more and then run, when I finished I picked up and we'll find them. - Ethan said minutes later.
- Right now moves away. - She said taking a rock with the left hand.
The soldiers of Evolut were stopped in a square just watching some trained destroying trees, others were watching. Hummer was a military parade on the street.
- I know you asked ... What is your name? - Ethan asked.
- Mikaela Fox, is now going away and is preparing.
Ethan did what she had. Mikaela came out from behind the wall behind which they hide and raised his right hand. The stone shone in his left hand and then the right and also shone a red lightning cut the sky dark and a fine noise. The lightning lasted a few seconds and then the rock on her left hand had disappeared, the only thing left was a Montinho of sand under your hand.
- This is your leaves - Mikaela said.
Ethan smiled and left the energy to take care of him. Seconds after he flew flew toward the soldiers who ran the Evolut confused toward the car that had exploded. Ethan moved quickly and covered all the soldiers. Ethan was omnipresent in the mist, he could see all, that - although it never entered - it was your world.
Some soldiers ran out of the mist, but the Ethan prevented. He can see Mikaela away.
He waited a little while and then began to deviate in the direction opposite to that Mikaela was, he thought about the off Evolut.
He flew a few meters and then began to rise to cover the night to go back and look for others.
After some minutes he spotted someone running desperately down the street full of walls and trenches ... Mikaela.
Ethan plunged to her. He came to her, he enrolled in the fog and raised in the air.
- Ethan? - She exclaimed.
- Calm down, I ... We find them - he said rising again.
- But how? We do not make you a clue of where they were. - She said.
- The trenches. One minute they get, and where they finish, is that they are close - said he proud.
- You thought about it before talking to him do they? - Mikaela asked suspicious.
- Of course not ... I am not a genius of war, I just deducted after I saw the.
- I understand ... And now here we are super heroes, we have legal names and clothes?
- I do not see where they go with a leotard with a drawer on top is nice ... But we can make a way with names ... Usually they have to do with your ability, you loose energy of the hand ... Destroyer? - Ethan asked.
- It is very feminine but ... I liked it. And you? - She asked.
- It is not obvious ... I will be: Spectrum.

The End

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