A virus that kills humans and activates a gene evolutionary giving skills to people, the human race starts to suffer the evolution, there appears the agency is like a Evolut police officers with advanced, only that the agency believes are the Evolut top of the food chain, and launch the virus on some city

Chapter 1

New York - 2010

- ... And continue efforts to find the bodies of victims of the hurricane that struck Bruno in Los Angeles last Saturday. The head of Evolut said he would send help but so far none of it seemed possible that advanced help on something ...
Ethan off the television.
- What powers are useless they can not help rebuild a city. - He said nervous.
- Calm down son. This is not their fault, it is the government agency that takes care of them, each appearance cost millions, so they have to send in time, as a political move ... - Said Mr. Walker.
- Look Dad ... Dad? - Asked Ethan going toward the father who was sitting looking at the empty chair behind his desk - Dad? Dad you okay? Father! - Ethan went to meet his father and gave some tapas in your face to wake him. - Dad wake up! Father!
Ethan ran to the door and opened it.
- Help someone ... - But stopped to realize that not only was his father who was paralyzed. And then without any notice the noise of several explosions burst forth through the window, Ethan shot to the window and saw that it was scary - my God what is happening.
There were several bodies of those fallen on the floor, shakes a few cars behind the other, quod, a plane was in pieces in the street amid the wreckage of a building.
- First London and now here, what is going on with this planet? - Wondered away from the window, and going toward his father, took his pulse and then take a deep breath - I am sorry father, but I have to get out before I die too. - Said running for the door.
The four days the same happened in London. People started to fall dead, few people survived, but the parents more than fifty aircraft fell, without counting it in the next, aeronautics said a missile ascended to heaven in an hour that day, and that after that everything started happening.
Ethan came to earth in a few minutes and leave the street for the picture became worse.
The sky was dark because of smoke from explosions. Cars were rolling over, people were singing throughout fallen, and a father with a child in desperate run back in their direction. Ethan was to meet them.
- Hey! Are you okay? - Asked when he reached the man.
- Si .. - Said purse - Yes .. But we have to leave before they get us.
- Who will take us ... What are you talking about? - Ethan asked confused.
- Come on then I will explain. - Said a man passing by him and start to run.
Ethan hesitated but then went behind the man.
- Look where I'm going with you, I can at least know your name? - After reaching the man asked.
- Kanye Lewis, and my son Tom. - Kanye said indicating the child in his back. - And you?
- Ethan Walker. You know what?
- I said, after I explain. You know a safe place where we can hide? - Asked Kanye stopping. And turning the heel.
- Hide ... - Said Ethan thinking - wait I know a place, come with me - said Ethan starting to run - the metro stations should be empty, and if you have no meters will go into a gallery to which I know, it is between the stations of Times Square and 42nd St.
Ethan and Kanye went. After ten minutes of racing to find Ethan stopped.
- We are in the missing bit 38th St. - said to be restarted.
Along the 7th avenue several bodies were thrown on the floor, there was no one living close by. On the way they found another destroyed building - this building that Ethan knew that as his friend lived - several cars and overturning.
When they arrive at the station came quickly. The station was surrounded by a terrifying silence, people died while waiting the subway, but there is something stirring in the background.
- What is that? - Ethan asked stopping at the foot of the stairs.
- Looks like a dog, he died, must have some ability - Kanye said impressed.
- Come get to the trails.
They fell in the tracks and walked about twenty meters to arrive at an opening.
- It is here - said Ethan - You can go.
Kanye came and Ethan followed him, they opened a door up ahead and entered a room and great high. There was a sofa, beside a table had a television on top.
- What is this place? - Kanye asked looking at the place.
- Cool is not it? My uncle is a writer, he can not write anything in his apartment then my other uncle offered him the place ... Put him on the sofa, and must be tired - Ethan said pointing to Tom hung back.
- Ah! Sure ... So what can you do? - Kanye asked after Tom put on the couch.
- How so? - Ethan asked confused.
- His special ability ... Your gift ... can tell me I am a well evolved.
Ethan goggle eyes.
- You are an evolved? - Wonder mad.
- And you also ... Why do you think this alive? - Kanye asked if sitting on the couch and landing the head of the child in the legs.
Ethan pulled a chair that was the song and felt.
- I expect you to tell me that I'm alive - he said.
- The thing that caused all this is a kind of poison. It is Activina. Filled with Activina missiles were launched on cities, London was the first, a kind of test. This Activina is lethal to humans, it destroys everything leaving the brain intact. But in developed it serves as an activator Tonico hence the name Activina ... In the advanced natural nothing happens, but those have not changed for some reason and left the latent ability to Activina means that the agreement, bringing the ability the surface. And if you do not know what it can do that Activina not yet done so. But do not worry, you'll know when that happens, you feel your senses are expanding, increasing their strength and their speed too. Now the "special gift", is the worst part, you get pain in the body for some six hours.
- What is your skill? - Ethan asked.
- I can copy the DNA of advanced, so copying your skills - and my son can read minds and mentally talk with who he wants, good and I found my gift when I went by the pain and touched my son and then understand what I could do .
You can read my mind? - Ethan asked mentally.
Yes - answer the voice of two people in mind.
- Is your child? - Asked if they were perceived voices.
- Yes, he sleeps but never to his head, now we will rest and then I tell you what is missing.
Ethan sat at the foot of the couch and nap in a few seconds. But his sleep was ended by the voice of Kanye.
- Ethan? Wake ... Is someone coming. - Said.
- What? - Ethan said the weak voice.
- Is someone coming. Does anybody know this place?
- My friend, but I think I saw it destroyed the building - said lifting Ethan. - I will see who is left here. - Said Ethan out.
Ethan went through the door and walked along the corridor that led to the rails.
- Who is there? - Ethan asked.
- Ethan? Ethan is you? - Asked a hoarse voice.
- Erick! You live ta ... Like, I saw the building destroyed. - Ethan exclaimed running to meet the friend to enter the tunnel and see it is dragging against the wall. Ethan hugged his friend and helped him.
- Josh And he ... Alive? - Ethan asked.
- No. .. He died ... and because of me - said Erick.
- Believe me you could not have foreseen what happened. Wait a minute. Ta you live, you are evolving.
They entered the corridor and was dragged to the door.
- Excuse me for never having told you. I was born so, I call that evolved naturally, but what this has do with me being alive?
- The Kanye will you explain this story.
They entered the room and Kanye explained the story to Erick. When he had finished Tom agreed.
Tom was sitting cross-legged on top of the sofa that seemed hours long, it looked as if the gap to look through the wall. You never talk? - Mentalizou Ethan.
Only when I have something to say - said the voice of Tom.
- So, when we were up there you said that someone in pegaria. Who? - Ethan asked remembering that he had many things to ask.
- The advanced of Evolut. Some turned against the government, developed the Activina, they destroy the city and then pass to collect those who survive and those who survive are logically developed, recruits for his army. The leader of them think that our place is in charge of the planet, good to speak the truth I think he did, because when he launched those missiles he eventually reduce the world population, understand, just the human race was exterminated, the poison kills all humans, then the only remaining human children advanced in nature, or about 7% of the population. The land we know just, well unless it is clear that the army has put the plan into action for rescue, they were making a vaccine that closes a portion of your brain, but in fact this vaccine does not work on advanced, it creates or resurrected its latent gene evoluidor, not human but the power to protect the Activina. Well, the Ressuscina when it comes into contact with the living organism, it creates protection for the person. When she comes into contact with the dead body of her Activina reanimates the brain, not a resurrected person, just makes it a zombie controlled mentally, General Bones, the leader of a changing and evolving, their ability is mental control, just to have the imagine what he wants. - Kanye said seriously.
- Hey, it does not have Ressuscina? - Asked Erick.
- I do not know. But as the army is for sure, and now the air is filled with Activina, unless they like to know the purpose of Evolut Ressuscina, I bet you all are dead. - Answered.
- This is not good is it? - Ethan asked.
- You do not understand? - Asked Erick.
- No.
- I do not know how exactly does the control of mind, but Bones Ressuscina released in the air it will have an army of zombies, so I do not know, this is worldwide, it is not the master, or he thinks that our species is great, or he suspected something, and that is what I think.
- Why? - Kanye asked to Erick.
- If I were someone who wants to dominate the world, not kill the population leaving only the most powerful beings and equipping me with an army of zombie useless, he knows something, and until he is defeated we will not live, I do not know if is the right thing pay the hero now but I want to go after him. - Said.
- You're right, it is time to pay the hero ... We have to recruit some advanced. What is your ability, you already know how to use it? - Asked.
- Tele cinese. Well, before anything happens is a little thing, I could raise a key, a glass of water, and small things. But what happened after I ... I destroyed a building of eight floors, and killed my partner, we were together since high school - said Erick, a tear down the corner of your eye.
- I feel very ... My wife was taken by them, she could handle the metal. Nothing much can only leave small pieces of the way it wanted.
- And you? - Asked Erick to Ethan - you said nothing, you okay?
- I am ... I do not know, I did not want to talk that was waiting for the pain but I can hear the wind blowing at the station, and the heart of you.
The room has a laugh ... Tom.
- Modificatore Body ... Interesting - Tom said aloud.
- Haha - Kanye laughed - you sure?
- Yes
- What is a Modificatore body? - Ethan asked.
- The developed one Modificatore body can modify the body, then the mental is the most powerful, or vice and versa. Some make the skin become pure steel, can absorb other materials like, wood, steel, stone. The most rare transmute it into animals, the only one I knew became a dragon, was a teenager of 16 years, is the man of estimation of Bones ... But we forget them, we have to know what your type of modification. How do you feel? - Asked.
- Normal. In a strange way. I feel good, as I never felt. My joints are good, I usually feel pain.
- Hum - Tom said - distance.
- Impressive.
- How do you know what I am? - Asked Ethan to Tom.
- I read the mind of the teacher of students of Evolut, I know that each type has existed since we encountered, every student who went through Evolut, and I know what you is that this in mind, the teacher taught me to see every thing changes in your mind when you evolve, he taught me to read the mind of people, your mind is faster, better and more devastating, the tendency of a body is Modificatore lose control and satisfy the thirst for death. - Said, and then returned to his state of trance.
- All right, but I will not lose control, but I will kill every person responsible for the death of my father and Josh - Ethan said turning around to Erick.
- For this you have to train your ability, and distance is not the easiest thing - Kanye said.
- And what is that?
- Your body becomes a kind of spectrum black, red, blue or any color. The issue is that if you control this ability, you will be one of the most powerful that ever existed. - Said with pride.
- We have everything to defeat Bones. A modifier, a copier and a distance. We find that more people before them. - Said Erick.
- We will have to go up, if recruits need a bigger place - said Kanye looking Tom.
- We can stay in the parking of a building, I think we can close the exits with cars - said Erick.
- It's a great idea. Son, we can get out safely? - Kanye asked the child.
He seats.
Kanye, Tom, Erick and Ethan left the room and entered the tunnel underground, in a few minutes they reached the station she was deserted except for the dog who was lying in a corner against a large blanket.
"We can stay with him?" - Tom asked in the minds of others.
"Son we can not take care of him if we can not take care of ourselves" - Kanye thought in response to the child.
- He does not need anyone to help, its owner was a beggar, he knows if caring, and if the problem is food I think we're in a desert metropolis - Tom said aloud.
Kanye deep breath and looked at Erick and Ethan, the two seats. He hesitated and then replied:
- Okay. But you will feed him. What name will give him? - Asked smiling at child.
- Hunter - said Tom.
- Good name - said Erick.
- Now? - Ethan asked.
All based.
Tom looked at the dog and he instantly got up and went over the blanket revealing no more blankets but the body of its owner.
Manhattan seemed even more frightening during the night, the sky was still covered by clouds of smoke. The cars that were previously in the street were now on top of the sidewalks as if a tractor had been releasing the street, a corner was a blue Camaro, the owner was dead and then toward Ethan had an idea.
- Why we do not use that car? - Asked pointing to the Camaro.
- Well, if you can use the keys - Kanye said.
Ethan was in the direction of the car and opened the door, his face broke into a smile.
- The key in the ignition, now we can go into a store and get some equipment, we need another car, we can pass the Walmart he is on Broadway. We will need computers, GPS, all that a battalion of elite precise - said Ethan lively.
- Okay ... Look back there is another car, you and Erick get this, I get it going and Tom - said building to the other car.
Kanye entered the car and gave the game huge Hummer stopped next to Erick and Ethan.
The two entered the Camaro and the left front of the Hummer, and through the empty streets came to Walmart in minutes. Erick said he would be waiting in the car, and Tom Hunter were also.
- You get the supplies and I get the electronics, I have to get some cars up in a moment, and something just call me ... Oh my ... ! - Ethan exclaimed when his eyes fall to the many bodies inside the store.
- Go, take your computers soon - Kanye pushing Ethan said.
Ethan began to run for the electronic session of trying to forget the images I had just seen, he needed to concentrate to not get things wrong. On the way the session he took two cars to buy, after a few minutes a cart was something of stuff, and the other half was when Kanye came with three carts full of supplies.
- I need a table or something where he can put the computers. - Ethan said as Webcams and get three played in the second cart.
- OK when you finish me find the exit.
Kanye ran and Ethan continued taking various equipment: Pendrive, mp4, laptops, webcams, modems, internet 3g, GPS and three PSP's. After completing the carts took Ethan to the exit and was hoping Kanye. Some minutes later he came with a table dismantled wrapped in cardboard.
- Come on - he said.
The two took the cart with equipment and supplies when the voice of Tom filled their minds.
- Run ... I get the thought of a telecommunications carrier, he is not confused with what you know ... Apparently he carried his brother tele, but it can do so without tele carry with you? - If asked confused.
If he did it with his brother that it is a newly evolved as I try to contact you, tell him we are like him and we want to help you - Ethan thought.
Good idea. Son you think you can? - Kanye asked.
Yes - and then answered presumptuous voice disappeared.
They reached the street minutes later, Ethan has the cart with equipment for removing only a Hummer laptop. Kanye took the supplies to the Camaro. Quickly the two unload the supplies and loads.
"He does not know how to stop - said Tom mentally - he said that appearing and disappearing from Los Angeles, he said that until I talk to him, he thought being in a dream. Listen to our conversation someone might learn something - think of how ironic.
Thanks for indirect - Ethan said.
Andrew? Where are you now? - Asked the voice of Tom.
I am not sure ... But still in New York, but I need help ... You know as to that? - Asked the frightened voice of Andrew.
Take your mind to the places you know and focus on that image I'm showing you.
I will try. - Said Andrew.
A few seconds went by before something happened.
- We can not leave, he turns to me - said Tom.
- That he can - Ethan said.
- He goes ... - Tom stopped.
Suddenly before the eyes of all will materialize Andrew. Andrew has appeared 25 years. Your profile the most different of the group.
Tom had about 1.70 tall and short blond hair and blue eyes, the skin of a pale white. Kanye was also in that only larger version. A man of 40 years in good shape.
Erick and Ethan were also similar, and both high and shaggy black hair and sculpted body, the only difference was the color of the eyes. Ethan had the eyes of a dark black, and a light green Erick impressive.
But Andrew was different. His hair went up to the neck and were chatting. High, around 1.80. He wore a white shirt, a blue jeans and a Nike. The body seemed a professional swimmer.
- Hi .. ? - Encabulado he said.
The End

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