An Unlikely Trio.Mature

Ateal brushed his fingers over the smooth skin where, not five minutes earlier, it had been torn to shreds by the teeth of a werewolf. He was just thankful it wasn't a blood-moon. He was thankful he could just stay human.

But, the position he was in at the moment wasn't all that better. He was naked from the waist up, armed only with a steel longsword that he'd taken from the dead hands of a steel-clad knight. There was a small clump of them, hiding on the side of the battlefield. Ateal had counted twenty, and Rokhan twenty-one. 

Regardless, there was a mix of everything in this small survivor group. Neperalian Archers, Carthean Spearmen, A pair of Knights and The Lok'Ratheans Ateal was with, but more interestingly, was the mage who'd healed Ateal, and her personal guard.

She couldn't have been any older than seventeen, and was still bore the white strips of a Trainee on her battlerobes. She had three Rethonian guardsmen at her side, looking battered and bruised and mud splattered. Occasionally trainees left the academy to join the masters on a campaign, but it was rare. 

Suddenly there was a bright flash, and everyone was thrown back into the mud. As he clambered back to his feet, Ateal saw a third figure rise up to join the other two. 

"Hah!" Boomed Rokhan. "Get ready Lek, the Rethonian has finally woken up! Haha! One for the Alliance!"

Another burst of light tore open, this time aimed for the sky, and suddenly everything became so much clearer to see. Ateal became aware of the vampires ferocity pouring out against the Rethonian guards. But more exciting was the pale purple mist that was beginning to swirl at the ground underneath the mages. 

Ateal didn't even hear the wolves sneaking up on them. But, luckily for him, Rokhan did. The wolf leaped into the air, and everything seemed to click into slow motion for Ateal, he saw its hind legs leave the ground, its greedy jaw opened at its eyes locked on him. And then he saw a brown figure, wielding a sword that had to be three quarters of his height. 

He saw the sword make contact with the underside of the wolfs Jaw and he saw it continue right through until it slid out the far side. And then everything fell back into full speed. Wolves were jumping in on the group from all sides. Both the knights were taken out in the first leap, the wolves landing on them with a sicking crunch and snapping their necks with a single twist of their powerful Jaws.

The Neperalians didn't last any longer than that, before they could draw their bows they were torn down by the twisted claws of the werewolves. The team of Carthean spearmen huddled into a tight circle, and were managing to fend off the attacking Werewolves with their spears. 

"Rok'Alek!" Rokhan screamed, as soon as the corpse of the first wolf had hit the ground and the three Lok'Ratheans had charged the two Wolfs gnawing on the corpses of the knights. One of them dismembered a Wolf's hind leg in a single swing, while the other brought his weapon down with full force onto the beasts exposed back, hacking deep into the flesh. While Rokhan had simply slammed his heavy iron-booted foot between the hind legs of the other wolf, sending in yelping like a puppy back into the darkness. 

Ateal re-adjusted his grip on his sword, and ran to join the Rethonians, who were by far having the worst time of the lot. One of them was missing an arm, sitting, proped up against a clump of dirt on the ground and the other was nowhere to be seen.

The young mage however, was surrounded by three wolves, her hands held out infront of her and from them she was summoning forth a wave of fire. They snarled and snapped their teeth, waiting as close to the heat as they could bear, waiting for a single moment of distraction, in which they could end the mage's life.

Ateal, like any good Carthean Spearman, charged in to her rescue, sword lowered and pointed forward aimed at the creature's ribs. It didn't notice him until his blade was already through his heart, and poking the other side.

Ateal ripped the sword from the chest of the beast, and held it like he saw the knights holding theirs. He had no idea with a sword.

But, before he could die in the learning process, one of the wolves suddenly burst into a ball of flames, while the other dropped to the ground, with a shard of ice buried between its eyes. 

Turning his attention back to where he'd last seen Rokhan, he was met with the sight of the final wolf, scarred and bloody, standing over the limp form of his Lok'Rathean friend. 


It dropped to the mud, with its neck at a strange angle.

"Come Carthean!" The girl screamed at him. "We have to leave!"

Ateal turned again, this time to where the mages were. Only one remained, and he was still casting pure bolts of purple energy into the encroaching crowds of Vampires, and as they watched, a second airborne figure floated over to him, seemingly deflecting all of the great Wizards attacks. 

His view was suddenly cut off by the young brunette, the hazel in her eyes still glowing from the use of magic. "Take my hand!" she screamed at him again.

"I'm not leaving him!" he replied, pointing to the unconcious Lok'Rathean. 

"Fine!" snapped the girl, running over to Rokhan, and grabbing his limp wrist, and extending her other hand to him.

The second Ateal closed his hand around hers, he felt a strange tugging feeling at the back of his neck, before all of his senses were overloaded in a blur of white.

The End

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