the night belongs to the beastMature

The first charge of werewolves had had its desired effect, most of the army had either broken quickly and been decimated or formed into two small groups. The foremost was the Carthean Legion shielding the weaker men. But further back was the true threat, the Arch Mages stood among their guards casting deadly spells left right and centre. The main force of wolves had been sent to the back, now Lora called her few back. Almost instantly every wolve ran away from the fight as other commanders gave the same command. Allowing them to fight the Cartheans alone. 

The entire group of Vampire commanders and any other vampires all began to advance towards the mages. Too busy with trying to move forward to protect the faltering men at the front of the battlefield the vampires went unnoticed. Creeping through the night, in their element the vampires flanked the mages. Running at full speed they fell silently upon their unwary foes. The tight ring of guards around the mages did not fall though as the vampires had anticipated. Quickly they realized it had been a trap, to destroy the commanders of the werewolves to get them to disband. Already too close to leave they fought on with near reckless abandon. 

The lead vampire in the battle, a vampire lord watched on impassively, he knew exactly what had happened, had even expected it. This would seperate the strong from the weak. He had suspicions that his underlings had been getting weak without their normal attacks on the world of man taking place. They had grown weak and slow in their inaction They had lost their rightfull place as most feared in the humans minds. This war would guarantee their unequivocal dominion over these, their biggest annoyance. 

As the battle raged on and the night had waxed and waned the moon began to go down. The vampire lord sent a small message to the wolves to look into the sky. Seeing the moon so low they fought with renewed vigour, needing to finish this before the transformation to man again took place and left them entirely vulnerable.

The werewolf looked to the moon and found it nearly gone. The night had been clear and had given them no troubles with the possibility of transforming back to men. But now the moon would leave them and the sun would find them soon after. hacking into the already battered carthean legion he found a weakpoint and shattered a tired soldiers shield. Reaching in he felt his claw stabbed then chopped off. Howling in rage he stuffed his face in the hole and ripped off the face of the nearest man. 

As sheilds began to be ripped away from the small hole the whole of the legion began to crumble in this one breach. As the men at the fore began to die in droves the ones holding them forward locked down their shields creating another near impenetrable wall. Giving up on them The wolve missing the hand leapt atop the shield wall and then into the cowering soldiers behind. As others followed him the scared soldiers were ripped to shreds.

The vampire lord standing atop a small hill now, could see the wolves slow work at breaking through the shield wall. All of a sudden bright light filled the air and off in the direction of the back of the battlefield and on a few kilometres a massive pillar of light beamed into the heavens. As soon as the light was gone a concussion ran through the air, enough to knock strong branches from trees it merely tore at his clothes like greedy fingers across his skin, whipping his silver hair across his gaunt face. The tight fitting black clothes that denoted his rank had little to blow in the wind, but what did whipped at his skin. All of a sudden a loud "BOOM" filled his ears. Staggering the enemy soldiers they were distracted for a second, all but the Arch mages, they continued to kill vampires in masses.

The End

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