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As Nathan stood in the mist in his human form he knew he would be unable to see anything in front of him but the ground directly at his feet. The Vampires, his new masters had drawn in the mist, had gathered so strongly that the only thing to be seen was your own breath. But werewolves knew how to see without the use of their eyes, although the fog softened sounds they could hear a coin drop a hundred metres away on a quiet day. 

hearing his brother's quick breathing to all sides he knew that they would have his back should he need them. The footsteps announced a presence long before the signal came, a tap to the right shoulder, they had crossed the road and were now in formation in the plains. Just beyond this fetid swamp obscured in fog was a long chain of hills with barely any grass covering them known as the plains. 

All of a sudden the temperature dropped a fraction of a degree, their commanding vampire had arrived at last. Each vampire was to command a small force of werewolves and ensure all orders were followed to the letter. As she came up to the group they all gathered. Staring into each of the wolves  eyes she placed in them a need to follow her wishes, whether they knew them or not, they would feel her wishes and follow every command to their last breath. Only elder vampires could inflict this but for the moment the power had somehow been granted to the commanders.

Samael, a scout vampire sat huddled in a forest to the side of the plains. Watching the army advancing on his comrade's army he sent the message to his leader. As soon as he had finished sending the mental message he saw twin flares rise up into the sky. The wizards had passed their own message, a halt. 

Somehow Nathan knew the enemy had ground to a halt, Before they could begin to set up any proper weapons to fend off the threat that was the werewolves Nathan felt an almost irresistible urge, an urge to charge the enemy.

With an almighty cry Nathan bellowed before sprinting ahead. Although he was not a werewolf yet he was still fit and moved at a great pace along the flat marshland. Running for a few seconds he suddenly saw the moon high in the sky as the enemy came into view. As arrows rained down on them the moon took its toll on their humanity and broke their bodies, Quickly turning the older men into the beastly form that struck fear into the hearts of men. The younger men took longer and their screams rang throughout the air. The enemy seemed to take a collective step back, the arrows had done little to thin the numbers. More men poured out of the fog to be turned into the beasts. Once the transformation had occured each wolf looked up at the smell of meat and fear, the latter heating their lust for the fight. 

Now that they had become Lupine they had no individual names, they just were. Each split into small groups of three or four, hunting packs. Sprinting off into the night two Mages in the enemy army lifted into the sky and cast a cloud of fire to give light to the men who could not see. After a few seconds of wolves sprinting the sound of ripping and tearing of flesh and a howl for each kill filled the battlefield. 

The wolf that was Nathan sprinted forward frantic for the kill when all of a sudden he felt the same urge he had just seconds ago, this time to go to the side and take out the back. Following the urge he took his group around the battle. Being the alpha wolf of his hunting pack the others deffered to him in any matter. 

To their left side stood the famous Lok'Roth warriors, the wolves held high respect for their fighting for it nearly mimicked their own, taking after the wolf packs in the frozen places the Lok'Roth had done almost the same as the werewolves except to werewolves, it was instinct.

Looking behind himself the wolf saw that many more had been sent the same way, he was the fastest and so was in the lead. Seeing his target he headed straight for it. The plate armour shining in the light of the cloud of fire he could see the men did not know they were there. Looking up to the sound of feet hitting the ground one man turned and nearly fell from his horse. Steel rang in the distance but this was ten times louder. The man drew his sword and forced the others to turn to the new threat. As they turned, caught offguard the men were cut down in droves, only the mages quick reaction and lack of need to "draw" a weapon saved them from obliteration. Each wolf was struck in the head by a clout of rock hard air and subsequently executed by the knights.

The End

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