The pactMature

Night, silent as the grave, yet not quiet as still, peirced suddenly by the shreiking howls of tortured souls. The werewolf arched its neck into the air as it cried out to the moon, the one thing imprisoning him.
Looking down the hill he saw the would be faint impression of smoke. The magic that kept him in this guise also enhanced his senses of smell, sight and hearing, although he could not see colours. Picking up his most recent kill in his powerful jaws he set off once more. His two packbrothers at his back. He was the alpha male, the strongest, the one who distracted while the others crept around their backs and took them unawares.

Running down the hill they eventually slid to a stop just before the tiny village's border. Stepping carefully under a large nearby eave the three began an excrutiating transformation.
The alpha male, being the biggest held a wooden pole that had been driven into the ground for this purpose, his claws scratching deeply into the wood. A sickeningly loud cracking noise reverberated off the wall back to its source. Andrew, the alpha male had had his back broken in the change. Again the noise rang out into the cold night air. Three more times his back broke.
The whole pack's faces shortened, the skull pulling back into its original shape. The hands of the now half men half beast's also slowly took on a more human cast, the claws sinking back into the fingers, the hair on their backs grew backwards into the skin. Only one had any tail left, the others having lost them from insubordination to their master vampires.

When the horrors of the transformation had ended the three stood panting, out of breath from exertion and pain. Andrew's back now repaired thanks to the magic that had encased him as he turned.
Once the three had regained their breath and composure they picked up large umbrella like objects and opened them, shutting out the moonlight from their bodies and walking into their respective homes.
Andrew dropped the fresh meat, a brace of rabbits on the kitchen counter and pecked his wifes cheek in greeting he went into the living room to play with his children.


Waking up, Andrew looked around, golden sunbeams streaming in through the open window. getting up and dressed he headed out of the house without breakfast.
Heading just away from the house into the pastures just behind he started to till the earth, readying it for the planting season.
After a few hours of tireless work the hair on the back of andrew's neck stood on end. being a werewolf wasnt all bad, he could now sense danger a mile away and he felt it now. Looking up he noticed the temperature drop several degrees and a deep sense of dread welling up in the pit of his stomach.

As the sun began to dissapear he looked up, a shocked horror painted on his face. Running back to his house he made it to the door just in time to usher the children inside before the vampire walked down the narrow path from the marshes.


As he traversed his way through the village he seemed to float on a cushion of air, the hem of his dark robes just brushing the dirt. All plant life he came too close to withered and died, leaveing a long trail of death in his wake.
when he reached the hillock at the centre of the town square he called for an audience with the tribal leader Chandak. When the old man emerged from his small hut he slowly made his way up the small hillock, passing through the droves of warrior wolves that had assembled at the sight of one who had unleashed horrible pain on their ancient ancestors.

Once the tribe leader was level with the vampire he began to speak in a low seductive voice that somehow managed to carry to every ear assembled. " I am come to invoke the ancient pact between us and your forefather's great ancestors. They lost our old war and signed  a pact to join us in our fight in the hour we should choose to call for you." As the crowd began to murmur chandak held up his hands and silenced the men saying" and if we decline?" "Then we destroy your people as we would have done before, as is dictated in the pact, you know it well." as the last words came out of his mouth the temperature dropped dramatically and a menacing look came to the vampire's eyes. Looking down at his men the leader sighed as he accepted their fate.


The End

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