I Awaken

He whispers something into my ear and I awake to the sound of his voice, already more precious to me than anything ever can or will be.


It is merely a whisper yet it seems so loud to me. It's almost as if I hunger for the sound of his voice. I search for a meaning in his words before realizing that it must be my name. Eve. It is fitting, I suppose. The mother of a new breed. The eve of a new age. I open my eyes and my heart flutters as I look at his face. It means so much to me. The expression on it is tender and loving, meant to assure and calm. Of course, I already know I am safe in his presence.

"Eve?" His voice is still quieter than a breath of air and I marvel at my body's ability to hear it all. A true miracle of science, I am. But that is for anothe time. For now, all I can concentrate on is the fact that he is talking to me. He seems anxious that I do not answer and I feel horrible for causing him any displeasure.

"I awaken." His mouth hangs open in an unreleased gasp and I smile at him. Something I have longed to do since the beginning.

"David! David!" I hear a sharp noise in my ears as her voice carries to me from down the hall she runs down. A flash of annoyance runs through my system: how dare she ruin this! But I relax. She is but a mere human. No trouble for me, anyways. She is probably here to report some mere error that she made in some plain and obvious mistake. She enters the threshold of the room he and I occupy and stares at me in a mixture of elation, excitement, horror, disgustion, and awe. How odd someone could feel so much at one time. I have enough trouble mastering the all-consuming attraction I feel towards him.

She manages to reorganize herself as she pants and turns back to David, who wrenches his gaze from me almost unwillingly. I smile.

"David. We've done it."

The End

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