Eve's Awakening

I am not alive to you, not yet. Inside this cage of flesh and blood I wait. I am patient and know that my time will come. But sometimes the waiting is hard, especially when you are with her.

"Mandy, do you realize that this…this creation will change the face of science as we know it?"

"Yes, but will she have emotions, a personality? A soul? Is she really human?"

If my mouth could talk, I would show her the full force of my personality, just how human I am. But there is a tube in my mouth that is pumping oxygen into my lungs, and I am unable to speak.

"I just think this is wrong, David."

"But I'm on the edge of a scientific breakthrough. No, it's more than that. It's a miracle."

"I don’t know, I just feel bad about the whole thing."

"Trust me on this, Mandy."

She leaves and we are left alone. Finally. He approaches me and fiddles with some of the tubes. Along with the one pumping oxygen, I have tubes running into my head and heart. Staring at his bent head, I long to stroke his raven hair.

Suddenly, I feel a tear escape my right eye. Looking up, he notices it and stills, his green eyes wide and staring.

"Are … Are you awake?"

The End

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