everything on my mind

Everything on my mind

cows cows um im board and our teacher told everybody to do creative writing or draw a picture of something and she said i can write down everything on my mind so im really board i wonder what anthony is writing about blah i like cows i want a flying cow yay im so board i want to go in the gym and shoot hoops i wonder if a cow can play basketball i want a cows that can play basketball cows rule peters drawing a weird gun i wonder what kind it is i bet michael is drawing a war with stick people or a cow and gregg just got mad and crumpled up his paper i wonder what hes drawing peter has a weird air soft gun hay i just realized its time to go home im hungry i hope i get to go eat food when i get picked up now i hear Ermshar over the walky talky and hes calling people for there cars weee hay he just called my name now peter just started over now i just have to go now gregg is right by my ear hay peter is going camping i wonder were he is going now im done and i have to read this on tuesday weeeee im done

The End

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