Everything I love about Bed

Everything I love about Bed.. hmm let me count the ways.

  • Its warm.
  • Its home to all my teddies.
  • My favourite enviroment to read.
  • Gives me all sorts of ideas for stories.
  • An escape from the world.
  • An end to a great day.
  • Its where I hide my sweets... (shh...)
  • Sleep is a time when you don't have to think.
  • Its all yours. (Well most of the time.)
  • Bed + Me = Sleep. Sleep = Good.
  • Of course it ends a day and begins a new.

Now how many more? I'm sure you could guess,
From those that have been read, and have now been said,
Quite a few reasons why we all love Bed!

The End

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