Looking backMature

Small things matter and as Jimmy Carvel's world unravels through a string of unearthed family secrets his approach to life must change if he is to survive.


Everything was damp.

The mist, the sodden earth Jimmy stood on, his coat, the gathered eyes staring into the grave. He watched, twitching on the inside as the coffin, his mother's coffin, was lowered soundlessly into the grave.

Mourners shivered, grey faces drawn.

But Jimmy knew. He knew someone here, someone looking on and keeping the requisite appearance understood why his mother, the now late Jean Carvel was dead. Not just dead but murdered, her body found in an empty steel shipping container miles from her home. A single shot through her left temple.

Why had his mother been at Tale Forth Farm? Why was she killed? The Police had unearthed nothing as yet and the investigation continued. Even today, Inspector Cody was present, standing a little way back behind the mourners, watching as Jimmy watched too.

The vicar said some final words.

Jimmy turned, gave a glance towards the Inspector and made his way back to the car lighting a cigarette as he went.

The End

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