Everything Changes But You

how can I explain?
how  can I describe?
leaving me destitute
turning me into an empty  shell;

I am wide awake
but my world is half asleep,
voices  telling me to carry on
but I am swimming in an ocean all alone;

I tried to go on  like
this never happened,
but where I am going
is anybody’s  guess!

I will not  question
what has brought you here to me
but some how, some where
it  was meant to be.

with every step that I  take,
I am more confident than before;
a thousand miles apart, I might  be,
yet you will still be in my thoughts;

all good things must  end,
as life is  forever changing,
as I stand here, with emotions running deep,
I have  nothing else to say
I have no words to comfort you
I hope everything  changes but you;

as I sit here, pen and  paper in hand,
wondering about all that happened,
together, forever we  will stay,
because you know in your heart
that I will love  you always

The End

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