"Vanessa, you were out for a long time." The nurse tells me. I wasn't exactly aware of how long I had been unconscious "Do you remember why you passed out?" She asks in a kind, friendly voice. I remembered the field, and Chance. Chance?! That part was a dream I was sure of it, that dog died last year shortly before Roxi's 8th birthday.
Unable to understand - other than that - was was real and what I'd imagined, I simply shook my head.

"You were found unconscious" She stated the fact that I'd already guessed. "In the toilets" the nurse continued. Toilets? I think Unconcious in the toilets? For some reason, I don't know why, that sounds familiar.
Beside me, Roxi clutches my hand "Vanessa, why does she sound so serious? Is something wrong?"
She's worried. I can tell. She called me Vanessa instead of Nessie, she sometimes does that but only when when wants confirmation of something, whenever she wants to be told that something isn't as bad as she thinks.
I again shake my head "It's ok" I say. I try to be strong but inside I'm just as scared as her.
I run the pieces through in my head again, trying to make sense of them. Unconscious. Toilets. Me. Where? Why? Suddenly I remeber something.
Someone was there.
A girl.
With long, Dark hair.
Wavy hair.
But who?
Who was the girl?

My thoughts are interrupted my a knocking on the hospital door. She walks in and talks to the nurse treating me. I think her name was Watson. Nurse Watson. Yes that's it.
She speaks and tells me that I have a visitor. I'm shocked and even more confused, Who would want to see me?
Roxi was here, Mum and Dad usually come in without knocking or so I'm told.
"She didn't give her name" Nurse Watson informs me.
"Ok, I'll see her." I say. Her! So it was a girl.
I didn't have any friends here yet, I moved here just over a month ago.
On my first day at school I was the centre of attention but by my second day everybody lost intrest. I was the new girl there. The girl nobody wanted to know.

The girl walks in.
It's her.
The long, Dark, Wavy hair.
The one I saw.
The only one who can tell me exactly what happened.
She looks small, guilty, then takes a step forward and starts to speak.
"Heya Nessa" she says in a voice that was not much more than a whisper "I don't know if you remember me or not, I'm Tasha. The one who blamed you for copying my work on your second day in school. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that, it's just...I don't know really. I guess I just wanted you to notice me. I thought you were like really cool."
I nod at this. I remember that day. I wanted to be normal and not stand out but she was determind to put me in the spotlight once again. I ignored her after that.
Tasha! That was her name.

"I remember" I say and give her a slight smile "Sorry for ignoring you."
"It's ok I deserved it really." Her lips twitch at the corners as if she is fighting a smile.
"Yesterday...In the toilets...." I begin.
"I know." She interrupts "that's what I came to talk about. I saw you...before you know..."
"What happened ater that?" I ask now even more curious than before.
Tasha hesitates for a few seconds and looks uncomfortable. Then she begins.

The End

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