The school bell rang. The same school Nessie was at just days ago. The school she would've been then. Crowds gathered, Children spoke, free and finally on their way home. Apart from one. One who was sat confused in a hospital only a few miles away, at that very moment.

A girl, quite tall - about 5 foot something - rounded the corner, her hair was long dark and wavy. She was pretty but somehow appeared lonely and distanced. The girls was not rushing around like most others, she walked slowly and in a daze.
After about five minutes or so the playground emptied, but the girl stayed. There was something - apart from her obvious beauty- that was intriguing and hard not to watch.
Several moments later she reached the nearby road, she hesitated slightly then sat cross-legged on the pavement. Tears welled in her eyes then slowly spilled down her cheeks. She put her head down and began to cry. The girl seemed restless, she didn't stay still for long, something was bothering her. She took out her mobile phone, and after some pondering, slowly and carefully dialled a number.
"Hey" She stated "Cassie, it's me, Tasha. I need to talk."
There was a pause while the other person spoke, then the girl - Tasha, continued.
"Come on don't be like that. I'm at the school. It's important....Ok well hurry up."

Tasha wiped her fist angrily over her face to wipe away the dried tears. She put her phone down and the slence was once again resumed.
She became impatient as more time passed "Come on Cass, where are you?" she repeatly said to nobody but herself.
Tasha breathed a sigh of relief when a silver car pulled around the corner. She stood up and went to the now stopped car. Cassie was here. She opened the door and climbed in.
Her body shook and she felt sick as she awaited the dreaded question. Then it came.
"What's wrong this time?" Cassandra asked, followed by a deep sigh. This was the second time this month her little sister got herself into trouble.
Tasha felt sick as she hestitated then finally spoke.
"It's about Nessie. I know what happened."

The End

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