Everything Changed

I like writing stories. I seem to start them but how no idea how to finish them so I thought I'd post one on here.
I'll post another chapter, sorry if it's confusing, it's about 2 people in the first chapters then the sort of come together. Hope you like it.

It was fun back then.  Everything was fun.  Running around,  playing, building sandcastles at the beach, the adrenaline rush as the cool breeze battled against my hair, the parties, the hundreds of parties. What changed? Everything changed. Nothing’s fun anymore. Nothing's  ever  fun.   

“Come on, it’ll be okay there’s nothing to worry about” Roxi’s soft voice calmed me and she gripped my hand even tighter.  I buried my face into her soft  wavy hair and stroked the back of her head. “It is going to be okay isn’t it?” Her voice was anxious now, concerned. I didn’t answer. I didn’t know and I couldn’t bear to hurt her, not now.                                                                                                          
“What’s wrong? Nessie, are you crying?” She wasn’t going to give in, She was young, and vulnerable maybe but she could tell when something was wrong and she certainley wasn’t naive. I sighed and leaned back, her curious eyes meeting my gaze and I could tell she wanted answers. Answers I couldn’t give her, not yet.     

 “ Vanessa Smith?”  The nurse called, she wore a long white dress and had long brown hair scraped back into a ponytail. She was pretty but yet something seemed odd. Wrong. I hesitated for a few seconds then stood up, Roxi stood too, her hand still firmly placed around mine, it was clear, she was coming with me. That was when I realized what was wrong, the nurses voice was solemn, deep, hoarse and sadder than usual. It was bad news.


There were bright lights, flowers, sun and a calm breeze. Chance was barking, his golden tail wagging and his eyes gleaming as he chased us around the field.  Me and Roxi, running hand in hand. She paused, gasping for breath.                                                                                                                                    “Chance!” she giggled after a few minutes. “Look Nessie! Look how fast he’s running.”

  “I know” I breathed “That dog’s fast”                                                                                                                   
She giggled harder and hugged me. We collapsed in a heap on the floor. We stayed there for what must have been hours. We watched the sun set, it was amazing, the sky turned pink, it looked calm, peaceful, happy.  Then it went orange and slowly faded to black. The stars glistened brightly. I glanced over at Roxi, she lay there smiling, happily stroking Chance. Her head angled towards mine then she looked at me expectantly.  

     “Time to go” I whispered softly, She understood this and slowly rose up. Then she paused and looked at me. 
"What's wrong?" I asked her,
 "I love you" She replied, then smiled "You're the best sister ever."
"I love you too." I stroked her hair, she always loved that.
"Thanks, That sunset was beautiful, can we do it again sometime?"
"Yeah of course we can," I promised her "We can watch it everyday if you want to."
She grinned and hugged me closer, it was people like Roxi that made me glad I had a sister.

I came around, disorientated at first, I was in hospital. Roxi was curled up on the edge of my bed, her large brown eyes anxiously watching me.
"Nessie's awake." She called. A few seconds later the nurse appeared. Her face was still solemn and she looked tired. I wondered why.
Then She spoke.

The End

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