Raymond Gotzon: son of MorpheusMature

in a large, dark and isolated forest cut off from the rest of the world stood a camp, this was a place made of myths and legends, this is the place where the people who have been cast out from society and isolated because of there differences belong, this is the camp where the children of gods forge there destiny. i open my eyes the cold stone walls materializing in front of me in a bright morning blur. pain shoots up my side as i sit up, it had been a rough night on the cold stone floor, i shiver as flashes of last nights dream retun to me vauge images of the transition between sun and moon. i sigh, looking around i begin to take in my surroundings. the cold stone coating every surface, only broken by the odd patch of moss. in the corner next to the entrance sat my elm staff, it was knotted and looked ancient the twisted shapes which covered the staff made it look even older. lifting myself slowly to my feet i pick up my blue and purple shirt from the ground where i had been sleeping, it hadn't made a very good mattress but it was better than nothing. i put it on, ignoring the buttons and leaving it undone. making my jeans comftable again i start walking out of the small cave grabbing my staff on the way out. emerging onto the hill dew covered hillside i stumble in the morning sun the cold dew from the grass soaking my jeans and shoes. i shiver "that was one hell of a party" i thought to myself as i started walking towards the dense Forrest ahead of me the cold wind biteing at my skin. in the distance the smoke rising from the tree line showed where camp half blood stood.

The End

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