An ordinary girl with the usual problemsMature

Gwen's life is ordinary. She has typical teen life issues, Guys, Friends, College...
But all is soon to change.

The twelve Olympians are the most important in Greek mythology, who lived upon Mount Olympus. Seventeen Gods have been said to have been Olympians, but there were never more than twelve at the same time. The three main Olympians were Zeus, Poseidon and Hades they each ruled the sky, the seas and the underworld.

Occasionally the Gods would come down to earth and fall for a mortal man or woman and as a result their offspring would be half mortal, half god. Demi Gods. Many went on to become heroes, some carried on with normal lives but all held the secret of their linage and went on with powers and enhancements and some didn’t know who they are or where they come from one of whom was a young girl named Guinevere.

Guinevere was to be the most spectacular of these Demi-Gods for she was not only destined for the title of hero, she was to become much much more.....  


“Gwen,” My mother yelled up the stairs “Guinevere you need to get your arse out of bed else you’ll be late for college,” I groaned and rolled over to check my phone, it was 6:20am and I knew I needed to get up if I wanted to be on time for my bus. “alright, alright I’m up,” I mumbled to no one in particular, I dragged myself out of the comfort and warmth of my bed and struggled sleepily into some skinnies and a shirt. “GWEN!” my mum literally screamed up the stairs, “yes alright I’m coming,” I shouted back, rolling my eyes. I quickly looked in the mirror and attempted to brush out my purple hair before I quickly ran downstairs.

“what took you so long?” my Mum sighed as I rushed around to get my breakfast, “I slept in,” I said, buttering some toast.

She sighed and did some washing up while I wolfed down my toast and ran back upstairs to brush my teeth and get my bag.

It wasn't my mums fault, She was a single parent as my father had taken off before I was born but I was sick of her being on my back all the time.

                                              *                   *                  *

I wandered into college. IPod blaring a band that no one would have heard of. I walked up to my locker when I shout came from behind me, “hey, Gwen!” I turned to so the only other metal head in the school, “Hey, Kris.” I finished off putting my things in my locker and turned to face him fully.

“hey, how are you?” he smiled leaning against the locker.

“yeh I’m good, how about you?” I smiled back, I couldn’t help it, his smile was infectious.

“not bad...” he hesitated “I-I was wondering if you were..... goingtothedancethissturady?” He chewed his lip, nervous.

“sorry?” I smirked, no idea what he’d just said.

“I was wondering if you were going to the dance this
Friday,” He let out a breath.

“I... uh... I wasn’t sure,” I stammered, was he asking me if I wanted to go with him? Don’t be stupid I thought to myself why would he? I sighed.

Not going to lie, Kris was cute. He could probably have any girl in the college, so why was he looking at me like a kicked puppy.... a puppy that I’d just kicked “I... uh.... I mean, it depends, I haven’t really been asked or anything so I figured there was no point in going,” I shrugged.

He smiled “well uh... how about you come along with me?”

“uh, yeah... sure,” I smiled

“great,” he grinned as the bell rang, “I’ll see you later,”

I grinned as he walked off to his class, watching his back until he turned the corner. I turned and headed the other way to my Psychology class.

I sat in my usual seat at the back of the class and got out my old tattered sketch book and went back to work on a piece I’d started on last night. An image of a metal concert, only all the people performing where demons and monsters. I looked up to see a face I didnt recognise wander into the classroom. The new boy looked lost but he settled himself into a seat next to the wall and pulled out his headphones. Not long after that the teacher Dr Armstrong walked into the room and lesson began.

Usually I would be completely focused in Psychology as it was my best subject, however today I found my mind wandering back to Kris and what happened. I hoped I hadn’t read into it too much and that maybe he was into me.

“Gwen..” I looked up “Gwen can you answer the question please?” Dr Armstrong was looking at me clearly irritated.

I looked around the class, they were all looking back at me expectantly “I... uh...” I looked at the board, completely unsure as to what was going on. “sorry sir, I have no idea.” I sighed.

Dr Armstrong looked disappointed “Bandura focused on behaviour imitation in children....” he carried on with the lesson and i went back to attempting to concentrate on the subject.

The End

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