Everyone Thinks I'm Innocent, but I'm Far From It. (Intro)

A young girl, named Stone Daniels is her school's biggest rebel. She loves causing trouble and drama. Stone can and will hold her ground agaisnt anybody. When finally she crosses the line and her parents send her to a miltary camp! What will happen to Stone? Will she survive? Oh, and there's one more thing....it's filled with guys.

     Hello, my name's is Stone Daniels Smith. But just call me Stone. I'm a sophomore at St. Meyer's High School in North Dakota. School is starting in two days on August 20. I'm fifteen years in age and turning sixteen in November.

     Let me tell you a little more about myself. I fail school, with an average grade of D's and F's, and even if I'm lucky, a C. I'm a straight up rebel. I don't follow the rules/law, I've been to court quite a few times and I've been to over twenty-one schools. Four different elementary schools, eight different middle schools, and so far, ten different high schools. I never stay in one place for long. 

     This is my first year at St. Meyer's, and most people would be nervous, but I'm not. With all the schools I've been to, you don't get nervous any more. My parents are very disappointed in me. I mean, I always get compared to my older step sister, Rachel and older brother Drew. 

     Drew was the star quater-back at his old school. My mother, Judy Smith, is making him change schools with me. My mother had re-married after my father died in a car crash. I will only respond with 'Daniels', not 'Smith', so don't even try calling me by Smith!

     Rachel is a model student. Very popular, has lots of friends, flawless skin, charming, and most of all, a straight A student. She has the typical blonde hair with cocolate eyes. I've got a natural smokey gray hair color and a pair of dark blue eyes.

     My mother hates me. Rachel hates me, and I know that Devon does too. Oh, Devon is my step dad. My mother and Rachel don't even try to hide it. Devon at least does. Drew has got to be my only family member, besides my cousin Ember, that actually loves me. Tough life, huh?

     Well, welcome to my life.

The End

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