Chapter 2Mature

We got into school and everyone was staring at Alison, making faces and laughing. I felt so embarrassed but she was my friend, I couldn’t turn my back on her. One of my other friends Laura, asked me ‘’What is she wearing? That’s disgusting’’ I just laughed at her.

The next day I went to Alison’s house. Her mum answered.

‘’She’s not here, she’s gone to her dads for a few days’’


I went to school on my own. ‘’Where’s Alison?’’ a random passer by laughed at me.

I shrugged. I went into my classroom everyone was laughing, ‘’what’s so funny guys?’’ I laughed.

‘’we still can’t get over your friend the over day, she looked like a right idiot, wearing a top like that it’s vile’’

‘’yeah I know I feel sick every time I think about it’’

We all had a laugh and a joke about it, I felt really guilty but it was true I felt sick.

When I got home I rang Alison but there was no answer so I rang her dads mobile, no answer…

I was confused so I rang her mum and asked why there was no answer. She just shut the door on my face.

I had no idea what was going on…

The End

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