Everyone Hates Me. I Wonder Why?!Mature

Chapter 1:

This is a story about two best friends, myself and Alison. Alison wasn’t like the rest of the girls in our school, she was very shy and didn’t talk much, she didn’t keep up with the fashion, she didn’t hear about all the latest gossip and not many people liked her. But I did, I loved her to pieces.

In primary school me and Alison were so close, we told each other every thing! As soon as we moved up to secondary school things changed. Alison made a new friend; Beth. Now I didn’t mind Alison making new friends but this girl changed her. She told her about all these new bands and all this different music. That was when I drifted from my best friend.

‘’You might like these, there called Bring Me The Horizon’’

‘’Oh they’re all screamy you won’t like them’’ I didn’t want her listening to it.

She placed the earphone into her ear…

‘’Wow I really like it!’’ Alison smiled.

The next day I saw her and she said to me ‘’I’ve got some new songs from bring me the horizon’’ My face dropped. Why was she listening to emo music?!

‘’Oh cool’’ I faked my interest. ‘’I’ve got some new ones from Chris Brown’’ We loved listening to him.

‘’Oh, I don’t like him anymore, ha-ha’’

What?! Oh dear, I could see the change in her already.

After half term, I knocked for her. ‘’Hiy-’’ What was she wearing?! It was a long black top that had a picture of a cat on it, with its brains hanging out?! I felt sick at the thought of it. ‘’Do you like it?’’ she smiled. I nodded but kept the look of disgust on my face.

The End

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