The decision (conclusion)Mature

“You can’t seriously believe that. Rei, you’ve seen what happened to other scouts when their partners have died, even the ones who weren’t lovers, they’re never the same. You have been my entire world since I was eighteen, only you; we’ve been together for almost ten years! You can’t really expect me to be okay with you dying,” Asha said. “I am under no delusions that you are not the most important thing in my life and if you’re going to die then I might as well go with you to save myself the pain.”

“Why would you even think that?” Rei asked, his voice conveying his confusion and shock.

“Because I’m not going to trick myself into thinking that I’ll be okay. I know how I feel about you, I know how I’d react if you died but maybe I love you more than you love me,” Asha replied, his eyes breaking contact with Rei’s and drifting downwards to look at his hands. Quickly Rei pulled Asha to his chest in a fierce embrace as he buried a hand in his thick black hair.

“You are my entire reason for even considering death. I f I was alone I would just leave or let them find me and exile me. But I’m not, I have you, and if I did either of those things they would punish you. I’m not going to let them hurt you because of me and the only way to avoid it is death,” he explained.

“Then let’s leave, together. Just don’t leave me behind,” Asha suggested.

“They would mark us deserters and come after us, you know that. They execute deserters Asha,” Rei replied.

“Only if they catch them,” Asha said with a smile. 

The End

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