The arguementMature

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. Asha nuzzled his face into Rei’s neck and just stayed there enjoying the feel and smell of him. He place a soft kiss on the base of Rei’s neck which Rei reciprocated by turning his face and giving him a real kiss on the lips.

“You can’t make this up with kisses you know,” Asha murmured as he pulled away.

“What about sex? Would that work?” Rei asked with a smile.

“Maybe with me but definitely not with general Biro,” Asha replied. “You’re in deep with him.”

“I wouldn’t fuck general Biro even if I did think it would get me out of trouble,” Rei said with a shudder. Asha couldn’t help but laugh at Rei’s comment. They sat there in silence for a few moments, Asha’s arms still wrapped around Rei’s shoulders and Rei’s head leaning against Asha’s, neither knowing what to say or how to touch the most important question.

Finally Asha lightly cleared his throat to get Rei’s attention and said, “Why do you want to die Rei?” Rei had known the question was coming, there was no way that Asha was going to let him off that easily, but that didn’t mean he actually knew how to answer it.

“I think it would be easier for everyone,” he replied. Without warning Asha’s hand connected with the back of his head and he was forcibly pushed away from the other man’s body. “What was that for?!” Rei exclaimed as he cradled the back of his head.

“I was trying to knock some sense into your thick skull,” Asha told him. “If you’re too blind to see what an awful idea that is then you obviously need it.”

“But it would be! You’re not in danger of being punished and there’s chance of exile if I’m dead,” Rei tried to explain.

“What about me?” Asha asked sadly. “Have you already forgotten how you promised that I would never be alone again?”

“You’re still young Asha, you’ll find someone else to love,” Rei told him.

The End

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