Everyone has a time to dieMature

Rei's squad general seeks out Asha because Rei has been missing training. Asha realizes that Rei has been lying to him and gets a bad feeling about the whole thing.

“Scout Kobor,” called an older general from across the training yard. Asha made his way over and as he got closer he recognized the man as the general that Rei’s squad reported to.

“Yes general Biro,” Asha replied as he gave the general a welcoming salute.

“Where is your partner scout Vadas?” general Biro asked.

“If he isn’t training I don’t know sir,” Asha replied truthfully, a sinking feeling forming in his gut. It had been a week since Rei had transformed into a dragon and Asha had found him and ever since he had been acting weird.

“Find him and bring him immediately to my office,” general Biro instructed. “This is the third time this week that he has missed training.” Asha didn’t know what to say; Rei had been lying to him for the past week, making up stories about training and insisting that he was exhausted.

“Of course, right away sir,” Asha said, his mind no longer in the conversation and his mouth running on autopilot. He saluted general Biro one more time before turning and walking out of the training yard. Asha’s sinking feeling was gradually getting worse and almost felt like he was going to be sick. Rei had been lying to him and missing training, both behaviors that the other man would have never shown before. “Where are you?” Asha whispered to himself.

He knew that Rei had always found peace by the Shinjuu river and would go there to clear his head so he decided to check there first as he started into the city. It was around midday and the sun was overhead beating down in intense rays. People bustled along the streets as they did their shopping and work for the day, a few even kindly smiled and bowed to Asha as he walked passed.

The End

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