Every time I thought twas "LOVE"

Alrite!!this is a story about a young and charming Indian girl who has the least traits of being a gurl out o' all the young ladies around her.Its her teen journey which changes her and her way of living life...a journey where she experiences the variations in her surroundings and more than nething else her own self and her feelings.
its about all the confusions,her encounter with the love kind of thing...
freindship,relationships and then her new search for her soul mate which often tends to

                                          Broken ends

 Love…it seems to be indefinable…just an emotion…a feeling that is truly blissful. Although everybody has their own definition of love. For some it is strength, for some weakness, for some understanding, for some its just another human feeling, for some it is eternal, for some it is friendship, for some its never ending bond, for some its desire, for some its need, for some its faith…and for some it has no definition and just a tag ‘eternal’.

But here it isn’t just about love and its definitions. Its about what love is to a young teenage gurl…who is elegant, confident, venerable. she has her own world of dreams, ambitions, expectations, companions, and that one special above all…”LOVE”.

            AAHNA… she is like beer filled to the brim: calm, sedate on the surface yet guzzling away with intense emotions underneath, exuberant but unpredictable, a gurl who lives the way she wants to live, who seems to be lifeline for all her friends, whose name is in all the crush lists of the boys who know her, who is like a best friend to everybody around her and who knows exactly how to fight for her friends and herself, who thinks she knows the best of the rules of life, who seems to be very practical, who loves to take care of her dear ones, who knows the art of living with all those silly teen issues…and who thinks she would be the perfect lover when she finds her Mr.Right…just like the rest of beautiful ladies…and yes, she has her own definition of love too…but she likes keeping it up to herself.

            So this story is about Aahna and her life which has many other stories embedded in just like a necklace embedded with pearls. For Aahna her friends and her parents are all she treasures. Being the only child of a quite young educated family she ruled all the hearts all she asked for was granted in spilt of seconds. She lead a life no less than the young princess in fairy tales. But at this moment she was really thwarted as she had to leave her town and accompany her mother to a new city as her mother had joined a new international NGO. The town that she was born in…where she knew people, where she knew places, where she ruled all the hearts. Partly broken and shattered she came over to the new city into a new life.


The End

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