happiness is just a trick of the mind

   That summer was one of the best I have ever had. We went everywhere together, She met all my friends and I met hers and soon, both groups were completely amalgamated into one big friendly group of people who we both got on amazingly with. We would spend hours messing around in my house, while my mother was at work, talking about old times and the things we used to get up to. I would walk half-way to her house and she would meet me there, outside the pub, Almost every single day. And every single time I would think to myself "she is the most beautiful person in the world, You cannot ever let her slip away" and everyday we would laugh, and smile and have soap fights ( when i refused to let her wash-up)  and everyday we would feel like nothing could ever make us fall apart. And at night, we would sit up until the small hours, on facebook or MSN talking about life and how we could make it so amazing by being together. How we would always be together.

   Of course its never that simple, and 5 days after we first got together I had to leave for two weeks to go away with the Army Cadets on our annual camp. Now it's strange to think that by this point I had been in the cadets for well over 3 years and i had been on countless camps and training exercises all over the country, and never been home-sick about anything. I could never want to be anywhere else.That camp however was different, I spent every second wishing the days away in order to make getting home faster, and on our night-navigation task, when me and my partner ( a tall, gangly 17-year old called Dave Rogers) became lost on the training area and decided it was prudent to basher-up for the night.  It Hit me. Lieing there under the stars, talking my heart away to a lad i didn't know 4 hours ago. About Sophie and how I felt about her, and Dave and his "little lad" (which shocked me at first). Life is there to live an enjoy, because at the end of it all. You might not see another day, so why waste any? It was at that point. I also decided that I wanted to go for a full Army career, more for the excitement and variety than for any sense of patriatism.

I realised my life lay with the army. And little did I know how that would flip my world upside down.

The End

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