My Little Tiger

    “But I thought I was supposed to but the stuff?” I asked sweetly.
    Justin laughed, “Well, I guess this counts as toys.”
    I wrapped the blanket around him, and Justin and I headed for the door.
    “Since it’s your birthday, you can keep T.J. today,” he added.
    “When’s your birthday?” I asked curiously.
    “September nineteen.” He smirked. ”Also, we have a tutor class tomorrow at 9.”
    Justin walked me to my house, and once inside, I let T.J. curiously sniff around the house. Inside the kitchen I found a bag of cat food. There was a note on top: Demy, we wish you a happy birthday, and this is the 1st month’s supply, so you don’t have to pay for it. –love Mom & Dad. P.S. Happy Birthday!
    I read through the note, and smiled. I could actually use this gift because the past five have been useless.
    I picked up the cat food to store it, but before I got fight feet from the table, I felt something scratching my leg. I looked down and saw T.J. at my feet with big eyes.
    “Meow,” he purred softly as I bent down.
    The food was pretty heavy, so I placed it down and waited for T.J. to tell me what was wrong. I studied T.J. carefully as he sat there.
    “T.J. I heed more clues. I can’t get whatever it is that you want, if you don’t at least point at whatever.”
    T.J. walked slowly to the bag of food that I sat down. He nudged the bag with his paw. I smiled. “You’re one smart cat.” I petted his head.
    I picked up the bag, and set it back on the table. I walked into the kitchen with T.J. by, observing my every movement. I opened the cupboard, and searched for an old bowl. When I couldn’t find an old bowl, I decided to use mine, knowing that my mom and dad wouldn’t like eating out of cat slobber.
    I poured a cup of cat food into the bowl and set it down. T.J. ate away, and I waited till he finished to go up stairs. He followed me everywhere, with his tiny paws bouncing at the steps he took.
    That night as I lay on my bed with T.J. beside me (my parents would kill me if they knew) I couldn’t help think about Justin. How’d he ask me to be his date for the party, and gave me this gift.
    Slowly, I closed my eyes and waited for slumber to come. Eventually, darkness swept over me.

The End

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