Party Invitation

I gently closed my eyes together and tried to fall asleep, but right when I closed my eyes, I heard my phone vibrate. I got out of bed and looked for my phone under all the papers on my desk.

When I found my phone, I looked to see who was calling. Surprisingly, it was Ellie. I hadn’t called her in awhile, and was surprised she still had my number, and I had her’s.

“Hey, Ellie. What’s up?” I asked in a drowsy tone.

“Hey Demy! Wow. You sound sleepy, were you about to go to sleep?” she asked politely.

"Yeah, but anyways, you called because?” I rush, so I could sleep.

“Oh yeah. Hey, umm… well, are you free Sunday and Monday?” she said urgently.

“I told Justin I’d keep those two days open for him,” I said.

“Oh well, it was probably for the same thing. I’m hosting a beach party at Pacific Beach. I was wondering if you wanted to come. It’s sorta like a slumber party on a beach. It’s free, and it’s from Sunday 9 a.m. to Monday 10 p.m.” she paused for a moment, “And you have to bring a date. Can you go?”

“I think. I’ll have to ask, and if I could, can I have a ride?” I asked.

“Not asking Justin for one?” Ellie wondered.

“No my mom would probably think it’s something else,” I lightly laughed. “I’m tired. Is that all?”

“Oh yeah. Hey Demy,” she paused again, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” she literally screamed into my phone.

“Thanks. Bye.” I shut the phone after she hung up.

The conversation with Ellie had just reminded me that today was May 21st! Today was the day I turned sixteen. I had completely forgotten about my birthday, but then again, it’s easy to forget important things when you’re with the cutest guy in the entire school.

I was a little annoyed by the fact that I had forgotten my birthday and I was even more annoyed when I heard my phone vibrate as I was just about to get back into bed. I sighed and walked about three feet to my desk and answered my phone with impatience.

“What!” I said annoyed at the caller, but then I realized it was 9:30, so the caller must have been Justin!

“Well isn’t someone grumpy?” The masculine voice teased.

“Oh, hey Justin,” I said, pulling my hand still surprised that I was talking to him, “Sorry I’m just tired.”

“Oh sorry. I could call some other time, if you want,” he offered.

Wanting to hear his voice, I declared, “No! I mean its fine. I’m not that tired.”

He chuckled and continued, “Well I wanted to ask you on our way back from school, but, well yeah. Can you come outside at this time of night? We could go for a walk.” I could tell he was nervous by the way he talked. He sounded like Zach before he asked me out.

“Sure, I’ll meet you outside in five minutes, but do you mind, if I go out in my pj’s?” I wondered without thinking.

“No, I’m probably gonna come out in mine,” he laughed I laughed with him.

“Okay, I’ll ask. See you in five!” I said fully enthusiastically.

“Okay, see you in five.” He repeated. “Bye,” he added softer.

“Bye,” I echoed, using the same tone.

After I hung up, I gave a big long sigh. That sigh wasn’t because I was distressed, or because I was mad, but because I was happy.

The End

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