Falling Asleep

The sound of annoying beeps woke me up. I looked at my clock that said 7:30 P.M. I turned the alarm off and walked down stairs feeling drowsy. My mom and dad were waiting at the table, just about to eat dinner.

“Sorry. I fell asleep.” I apologized.

“It’s okay. We just started,” then my mom paused for a moment, “Justin called,” she looked up from her food and continued, “I told him you were asleep. He said he would call you back on your cell. I asked him how he got your cell phone number. He said he got it from Isaac,” she looked at me again, “Whose Isaac?”

“He’s my friend’s boyfriend,” I explained it in a simple way, though Ellie and Isaac weren’t. It just made my life simple saying that they were, “and no. I don’t like him, incase you’re wondering.”

“Okay, anyway, he should be calling at around 9:30.”

“Okay. I’ll wait,” I picked up my fork and started to eat until I noticed that I had been quiet lately, my answers were short too. I had been quiet at school, walking home from school with Justin, dinner, and I never turn on the radio when I do my homework anymore. I had been listening, not talking. I was listening to my thoughts. I had heard things I never heard before, like bees that pass by, and the bell at school was off tune, and whenever I walk, I can’t feel, but I hear the sounds of my feet dragging across the sidewalk.

I guess there was no point thinking about this, so I just started to talk, “Well, today school was boring. We didn’t do much except in chemistry. We had a test on pollination,” I stuffed a piece of bread in my mouth, and I continued, “Justin also said to keep Sunday and Monday free. I wonder why,” I thought aloud.

“That’s a new one. Either you have a whole lot to say, or you don’t say anything at all! It’s very black and white.” My mom noted. Dad just nodded alongside her.

“Well, today is different. Today, I want to be gray!” I declared.

“Oh, okay. Well, do you think you did well on your test?” my mother continued on.

“Umm, well maybe. I don’t know. I don’t think I did that bad,” I stuffed a spoonful of mash potatoes in my mouth, again forgetting to chew and sort of choked, but I got apple juice down fast enough.

My dad chuckled and said, “I think you’re very gray today.”

I smiled, “Well,” I said as I stuffed a huge spoonful of peas into my mouth, “I’m tired. I’m going to go to bed early.” I pushed my chair back, and took the dishes to the sink.

Before I got to the stairs, my mom shouted, “Demy, Dear, you know it’s only 7:50 right?”

“Yeah, I know Mom,” I shouted back. “I’m probably gonna just take a nap till 9:30.” I climbed up the stairs and up to my room, which was through our game room.

I went into my room and stood on a rug that was laid out in the middle of my room. I stared at my clock, which now read 7:52. I decided not to sleep; instead I would take a shower. I went in my closet and got my pajamas that were just some short shorts and two tank tops. I headed into the bathroom singing ‘Mary had a little lamb’ for some reason. I guess that meant I was happy and relaxed. I turned on the shower, and then thought about the last time I had a nice warm bath I looked around, for the special soap, bubbly thing. I turned off the faucet and waited for the bubbles that I once loved.. I waited for the tub to fill up with water. When I got in, I instantly started to relax. I forgot about everything. School, homework, chores, and even…Justin. I started to remember my younger years. I was so carefree, I didn’t have to worry about boys or homework, too much, but I have to now. I had to watch my weight because I noticed I was getting close to 120 pounds, but none of that mattered when I was younger.

Seconds turned to minutes and minutes into hours. The time that flew by as I was relaxing in the tub was gone. I finally decided to get out. When I got changed I looked at the time. It wasn’t too early, but it wasn’t too late.

When I got into bed, it was 9:15. I pulled the sheets over without thinking about Justin calling at 9:30.

The End

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