Falling in Love

We started walking to school, my head full of thoughts. I could tell Justin’s mind was occupied. The question was, what was he thinking about?

“‘In the water you will find, someone close to your mind,’” I said randomly, wishing my mouth would just shut up because I knew that he wouldn’t know what I was talking about, but he responded in a way that took m off guard.

“‘To the bottom you will go, where the water does not flow,’” Justin added blankly.

Then together, “‘To find a treasure that leads up, and I wish you lots of luck’” we turned to each other with wide-eyes.

“You had the same dream as I did!” Justin concluded.

“No,” I corrected, “I was in your dream. We were in the same dream,”

We kept on walking, and I picked up my pace so we wouldn’t be late to school. We walked the rest of the way in silence with things to think about. Once inside the cafeteria we sat down beside Isaac and Ellie who were talking by themselves.

We didn’t have time to tell Isaac and Ellie about the dream, so I told Justin, “Maybe we should keep quiet about this.”

“You’re right. Come over after school, for tutoring.” he said happily, forgetting everything in the world. His eyes so soft, like he could kiss me.

I smiled back and knew this was the Justin that I loved, right in front of me. His mind was always carelessly wandering around random things. And he always had that smile. That charming smile that I fell in love with.

The End

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