Past Memories

I went silent as I felt the old memories rush by me. I remembered the time we met, our first kiss, our first date, and our last date, and finally…goodbye kiss. The flashbacks crawled through my stomached and heaved through my throat, taking my heart along with it.

"He still likes you, you know-”

“Um…I…I got to go,” I interrupted. I quickly packed my things, and began walking out his bedroom. I got confused on the way out. There so many rooms. Justin found me, took my hand and led me out of maze.

Out the  front door, he said, “Guess I‘ll  see you tomorrow morning.”

I didn’t reply as I threw myself into the dark night and ran the short distance to my house. And just like my memories, I didn’t turn back. Except for the ‘Justin thoughts’ but yeah.

When I got home my parents weren’t there. Dinner was on the table along with a note. It said: Demy we are out for a walk. Be back with a gift.

I thought about why they would buy s gift for me. Then,  it struck me. Tomorrow was my birthday! I had completely forgotten!

I guess when you’ve got a guy on your mind, time flies by so fast. I went to my room, took out my binder and began to study. While I was studying, I got to a page where there was a note in it. The hand written note looked familiar, like I had seen it before. Suddenly, I had a flashback when I was at Justin’s house a couple of moments ago. I realized the note was from him! That and he signed it Jay.

Demy. Look I’m sorry if I upset you. Zach just wanted me to ask how you were since the break-up. He told me that you already know about how we met. He says he misses you and can’t say it through the phone because he’s not ready to “talk” yet. Yeah. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. - Jay.” I read it silently as a voice inside me read it aloud in a soft pleading voice. It was Justin’s.

I closed my binder and stuck it into my bag. I didn’t feel like studying anymore after that. I though about the note while I was in the shower, and when I was in my bed.  He didn’t abbreviate. And he usually does… I thought. He must really mean it. I sighed and pulled the sheets over my head. Trying not to think about it, too much, I closed my eyes. Then I fell into a deep slumber.

When I woke up it was already sunny. My cell vibrated on my desk when I got out of bed. I looked at the number, but it only said “Unknown”.  I answered it anyway. “Hello?”

Everything was quiet for a minute, then someone said, “Do you know where Floor drive and Lock lane is? I believe it’s close to where you live. Meet me there if you want to see your friend Justin again!”

I snapped my phone shut, surprised my the speaker’s threat, but then I realized that I had turned my phone off at night. Plus I didn’t know where Floor Drive and Lock Lane were.

I changed out of my pajama’s, got my backpack and headed for the front door. But before I could set a foot outside, my mom caught me by the arm.

“Where do you think you‘re going? You’re still grounded,” she said with a stern look.

“I’m going to school,” I said surprised at my mother’s behavior.

“Really huh? Do you know day it is?” she quizzed impatiently.

I stared at her oddly.

“Friday…why?” I replied confused. I turned to the calendar, a  couple feet away. That’s when it hit me. It was Saturday!

The End

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