I felt like sticking my tongue out at him or punching him, but sticking my tongue seems a bit immature, and it probably wouldn’t be the smartest idea because I would be ending up with a cast on my arm.. So instead, I stood up, dump my tray and joined Winona and Ellie in their conversation. Right before I could sit down, I saw Justin holding his head. I knew what this meant. Ellie saw him too, but didn’t think it meant much. I went back to Justin and murmured into his ear.

“It’s starting to hurt, isn’t it?” He just nodded and said nothing. Suddenly I did something that took even me off guard. I slipped my hand into his and squeezed it.

“You’ll live…right?” Justin raised his head, staying silent.

He cringed but nodded. Lunch ended in a couple minutes and I started heading off to world history. Mr. Springs taught that class. Mr. Springs is actually a good name because right after we finish one thing, he would just spring into another one. I guess high school is really different from middle school. I walked alone, but then I noticed a couple of girls were behind me. They were friends who ditched me for popularity.

“So…” one girl giggled, her pace quickened so that she was beside me. “The new guy’s pretty hot, don’t you think?” she looked at me and her smiled seemed to say tell me everything about him so we can hook up!

“Yeah…sure…I guess.” I answered uncertainly trying to sound as id I didn’t know anything.. I quicken my pace and dove into my class, with that I left the awkward scene.

Fourth period was World Geography. The lesson was short.  The substitute just gave us a worksheet, then said we could do whatever we want. I think she just got sick at of us, she probably got tired of yelling at us.

Everyone instinctively took off next to their friend. Everyone except me. I was still depressed over the detention I got today. Mom was so going to ground me for getting a detention in algebra. It as actually my first in three years!

When I thought about my detentions my mind instinctively wandered to the back of my head. That was where I stored all my ‘Justin thoughts’. I saw his hazel eyes staring back at me along with a mocking smile, the one he had on almost everything I did something stupid. His dark brown hair was gelled up so it was messed up and fitted in all the right places. He pulled his hand through and that’s when I realized that his hair wasn’t gelled up at all. It was his natural hair, and I seriously did think he looked better than Brad Pitt through he was only fifteen.

When I finally decided to stop thinking about Justin, the bell rang.

Fifth period flew by and then came sixth. Isaac and Ellie had English sixth period too, but we had different teachers.  Nothing really happened in class. That or I wasn’t really paying attention. The next bell rang, and I raced to seventh period. I guess I was just excited, since I knew who would be there. And there he was, leaning against the wall. He stared up at me and smiled. I rolled my eyes in response.

He took my hand and led me to our table. When chemistry started, our teacher turned off the lights and pulled down the projector screen.

“We are going to watch a video about pollination,” he informed us. “I realize you already learned this last year, so you’re free to talk amongst yourself. Just stay put in your seat.” Mr. Neese instructed. His head turned toward Justin and me, and for the first time, I saw him smiled. And let me tell you, that man never smiles.

I looked over at Justin and met his hazel eyes. He saw that I was worried and flashed me a bright smiled.

“So,” he tried to start a conversation.

“So… what?” I asked curiously, trying to figure out what he was trying to get out of me.

“I hear you have a detention today after school,” he waited.

How did he know that?!

 And as if answering my mind he replied, “I’ve got friends remember?”

“Oh yeah,” I said dismissively. “I can still come over after my detention right?”

“I can wait outside for you, if you want. I really don’t mind the wait.” he said convincingly with eyes soft as clouds.

“Sure. It’s only thirty minutes. You don’t have to though.” I informed.

“I think it’s worth the thirty minutes,” he said smiling, his beautiful half smile, which made me smile back, against my own will.

The End

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