Everyone stared. And then out of the blue, they started laughing.

“I like vanilla cupcakes, too!” Winona agreed. After a second she added. “They taste really nice.”

I couldn’t figure it out, but behind those words, there was another meaning.

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously. Everyone began to stare again. This time instead of bewilderment, they were confused.

“No! There’s nothing wrong with vanilla cupcakes…it’s just… well…there seems to be another meaning behind the way you said it.”

“There is…well…” Winona defended. She glanced over at Brandon who just nodded. “Me and my old friend Mary made nicknames for almost everyone. Like there was this one really sassy girl, who we didn’t know the name of, so we just called her Sassy Girl. And there was a point in my life when I liked Brandon, but he didn’t really like me, so me and Mary gave him a nickname. We called him Cupcake.” She smiled, and started to laugh, “I just didn’t know he would actually ask me out. Ha!” We all started to laugh again, for the third time, everyone except Brandon. He just stared at Winona while she giggled.

Brandon was always laughing when Winona did, but his was probably as stiff as a brick. Questions began flashing into my mind. Why wasn’t Brandon laughing? Was there something big that he didn’t tell Winona? I put these questions at the back of my head and turned to Justin. He easily detected my distress and pulled me up.

“Hey wanna get some food?” he asked.

“Um…sure,” I answered. I felt someone staring at me and turned face to face with Ellie. She was giving me a ‘death glare’. Ooh, I sense jealousy.

We walked to the lunch line and waited, but then Justin took my shoulders and spun me around.

"You seemed distracted. What’s up?” he waited for my answered.

“It seems like Brandon’s hiding something.” I said after a pause. “He’s not talking to Winona as much. It’s like his mind is occupied,” I explained. “I remember he would talk to Winona non-stop. He drove her crazy!”

Justin sighed. “People change. Maybe his family is going through some hard times. It’s probably just temporary. Wait a couple of days. Don’t worry. He’ll be back to normal before you know it,” he smiled a smile that was supposed to calm me down.

I flashed Justin a funny look. “Since when did you become so sophisticated?”

Justin choked in surprised and answered defensively, “I’m very sophisticated. I just don’t use my sophisticatedness… if that’s a word,” he stood there and thought slowly. “Nope! I don’t believe it is,” he examined idiotically. That made me laugh. I saw people staring bewildered at my sudden outburst. We eventually got our lunch and headed back.

Isaac was talking to Brandom, while Ellie was chatting with Winona. We sat down at our table and began to eat, but before we could even touch our food. Isaac slowly turned to faced us. “So what were you guys talking about?” Isaac asked curiously.

I froze. “Well…we were talking about…talking about…about… ” I stuttered.

“We were talking about when I could come over to help Demy study. So Demy,” he said carefully, eyeing me, “You’re free Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday right?” he did a dramatic pause and continued saying, “So, come over today and I can help you study for the quiz in Geometry in a couple of days.”

“Um…yeah! You know, what? Why don’t you come over Saturday?” I added going along with the lie, that wasn’t a lie because I needed all the help I could get, and because I guess we already sorta arranged it from the text..

“Sure. Sounds good to me!” Justin beamed.

Isaac shook his head. “You guys really need to work on that,” He turned back to Brandon.

“Seriously,” I whispered. “Tutoring? Is that the best you can do?”

“Well it’s better then saying ‘we were talking about…talking about…about.’” he mocked smugly, which I had to admit, he did a pretty good job at doing it.

“Hey!” I defended. “Do you want me to tell Isaac about Brandon” I hissed.

“Sure. Why not?” he smirked mockingly.

The End

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