Something Smell Fishy?

Days sped by, until Friday, and the awkward friendship that Justin and I first shared, slowly began to harden into something unbreakable. He became a real friend in my life, something that I’ve lacked since the start of school. That, and I was going to have to tell mom about my detention in science.

During third period, I felt my pocket vibrate, causing me to jerk up in my seat. Flushing slightly, I quickly slipped my phone onto my lap, and read the text.
    Message from Justin: heard you need help in algebra. i’ll tutor. -j. f.

“Justin,” I feebly murmured to myself as I glanced up at the classroom, and quickly down, before texting back.

    Message sent to Justin: sure. that’ll b gr8. but how did u kno i suck @

In seconds, I got a reply back.

    Message from Justin: i have tons of frenz that gossip 24/7

Shifting my eyes slowly up at Justin’s directions, I smiled slightly as he rolled his hazel eyes toward me. When he turn forward I saw his lips pull into a half smile. Texting back a “thanks” I quietly shut my cell-phone, and slipped it into my front pocket.

Mr. Sanchez, with a disapproving frown on his face, marched toward my desk quietly. With my heart beating fast, I looked up at his disapproving gaze. ‘Great, I‘ve been caught.’ I thought as he looked at me angrily with his accusing eyes. His head snapped toward the blackboard, forcing my eyes to follow.

“Oh,” I mumbled at once, scrambling to work on the assignment that’s been appointed. He slapped a small slip of paper onto my wooden desk and stalked off. I glanced down at it and mentally groaned. Just great. I am so dead when I get home. Detention.

After class, Justin was waiting for me by the front door. “Hey,” he greeted, pushing himself off the wall.

We both started heading out to lunch. I looked back and following us was Ellie, a girl I knew from a long time ago, and a guy named Isaac, who I met in gym. I hadn’t noticed them until we got to the cafeteria. We sat down at the end of the table. I sat next to Ellie and Justin sat down beside me. Isaac, sat down across from us.  They introduced one another and Isaac couldn’t take his eyes off of Ellie, just the way Ellie couldn’t take her eyes off of Justin. Did Isaac like Ellie and did Ellie like Justin?  Hm.

The talking began after they got their food. Justin and I weren’t hungry so we didn’t get anything.

“Sooo,”    I dragged, “You’re Ellie right?” I started. The silence was just too quiet I guess.

“Yeah,” there was a long pause before she started again. “Hey, sorry ‘bout ditching you last year. It’s just these girls invited me to their table and we became friends and…well…”

“No worries. I get it,” I glanced toward Justin and he stared back. His eyes were locked into mine. Suddenly a guy named Brandon passed by and sat down beside Isaac.

“Hey. You wanna come sit by me and Winona, or do you want us to come over here?” he asked curiously. Everyone knew that Brandon and Winona had been going out since seventh grade. Brandon was a hot blond with ocean blue eyes and obviously a skater by a simple glance. His hair was kind of long, like Justin’s, too.

Winona was a cute asian with naturally brown hair and eyes. She was thin and really nice, so they made a perfect couple. And even though people try to break them up for the past two years, they never separated. I don’t ever talked to Winona, but I can tell that she’s a bit punk.

Brandon went off when Isaac replied. He came back hand in hand, with Winona. They took seats next to each other at our table, and everything became quiet. I guess silence is just my weakness because the next thing I know, I’m blurting out random things.

“Cupcakes.” I immediately blushed when I met everyone‘s curious gaze, I explained my explanation. “Well I mean…um, I like cupcakes. Those vanilla ones with sprinkles…”

The End

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