“Ha. You sure ‘bout that?” Zach barked humorlessly. “Justin sure thinks you like him,” he added in sourly.

My heart stopped again for a moment. How did Zach know Justin!? A billion questions raced through my head, and as if answering my thoughts, Zach answered, “When I moved to New York, I lived near Justin. We hung out and got pretty close. So when he told me he was moving to San Diego, I figured, by some coincidental chance, he lived near you.”

“You were right,” I gave a small smile, finally speaking up. “He’s my next door neighbor.”

Zach gave a whistle, “Wow, when he said close, he meant close.”

“Yeah, well, is that all?” I asked tiredly.

“Demy…” Zach sighed, but before he could get another word out, I slammed my cell-phone shut and turned it off. I was angry, hurt, happy, and felt like crying. So many mixed emotions swirled inside me as I shielded the cell-phone from my view. I don’t even know why I hung up on him. But the one thing I realized from Zach’s call was that, I really missed him.

I felt tired that night. After doing my regular night routines, I collapsed with a thud on my bed. I’m not exactly sure what time I finally fell asleep. Or when I finally got Zach out of my head. But once I woke up, I forced myself out of bed to get ready for school.

When I met Justin outside, he grinned and laughed. “Hey, your four minutes late,”

I forced a small grin and mumbled, “Whatever.”

The walk to school was quiet. We didn’t say much. I was glad. And as we stopped at the cross lights, we passed by a small group of children running. I chuckled at a small girl skipping alongside her mother. Out of the corner of my eye, I felt Justin glance up at me. And with a small tug up with his lips, he smiled. And somehow this smile was different. Not like any of his daily friendly smiles, but a smile like it was meant for me, and me only.

I felt my stomach do a small back flip, and flutter. Somehow, Justin would change my life, and that thought alone, made the whole Zach conversation erase and settle into the back of my head. Maybe, just for today, I’ll forget about my broken heart. Because, well, I met someone new.

The End

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