Meeting Someone New

The big moving truck parked in front of my neighbor’s house, was carrying off random household items, but what really caught my eye was a tall handsome guy with dark brown hair. He wasn’t one of the heavy movers carrying off furniture, though. He was actually instructing them instead. I can only guess that he was moving into the house.

Sensing my watchful gaze, the guy looked away from the movers, and glanced at my gawking figure. He waved, flashing a bright smile.

“Hey,” he called, from the across the lawn. He nodded off to one of the workers and made his way toward me. Up close, he was even more breath-taking with his dazzling hazel eyes.

“Um…hi,” I managed to say, staring at any other place then his face, but even through my effort, my eyes still clung to his.

“I’m Justin,” the teen before me introduced, smiling again. He had a really nice smile, I thought silently to myself as I observed him. Charming in fact. It’s almost as nice as Za-- um, never mind.

Justin gave a small cough, breaking me from my thoughts. That’s when I realized he was waiting for me to introduce myself. I gave a small smile. “O-oh…I’m Demy. S-so…you live here?” I idiotically prompted, gazing toward the house beside mine.

Justin laughed, a very charming, musical laugh, “Yeah. I live there.” He nodded toward his house.

We stared at each other for a moment, not sure what to say.

“Well…I guess… I’ll be seeing you around,” I began to mumbled as I broke his intense gaze.

My steps lengthen the distance between us, and before I reached the steps to my house I heard him called out, “See you around,”

Once inside, my parents automatically asked, “How was school?” I shrugged and brushed right pass them.

I went into my messy room, and dropped my stuff, got out my binder, and began my homework.

As soon as I finished my homework I received a text from my friend Shannon. This made me smile. Shannon was a friend that moved to New York a couple months ago. I needed a friend to talk to. So reaching for my cell-phone, I began texting back. 
    Message from Shannon: yo.
    Message sent to Shannon: hey, wat’s up?
    Message from Shannon: not much. u
    Message sent to Shannon: got an “f” n chem. & i met my new neighbor
    Message sent to Shannon: he’s kinda…cute.
    Message from Shannon: cool. so is he as good as zach?
    Message sent to Shannon: no!! not even close
    Message from Shannon: wats wrong w/ him
    Message sent to Shannon: he’s… well, u no…
    Message from Shannon: yeah?
    Message sent to Shannon: ugh*, nvm… gtg, pce.
    Message from Shannon: haha, k! ^.^

Texting Shannon hadn’t help my nerves at all. Instead, it brought up bitter memories of my ex-boyfriend, Zach. The only guy I had ever loved. He was my life in every way. I couldn’t breathe without him. The day I broke up with him was torture. I just knew he wouldn’t have time for me. After I said the words that would truly crush his heart and me, I had felt a tight rope around me, choking me to death. Each day, the rope got tighter and tighter until I finally decided to untie the knot and walk away, never to look back at the memories. So even though our relationship ended bittersweet, my heart still weeps thinking of him. It’s just something that the heart won’t ever let go.

The End

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