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There seemed to be no air. Judith dropped to the damp bathroom floor, her hands clasped over her mouth. She sat the staring at the prominent red hair dye on the green bathroom carpet tile. Thirty seconds ago it had been the priority of the day, finding something to remove it. That and everything else now paled into insignificance.

She forced her head between her knees. She could feel the sick rising in her throat. "breathe in slowly through your nose, exhale deeply out of your mouth" Of all the people she knew, Judith, as an asthma nurse, should have been the last person  to be talked through a breathing exercise, however she feared if she didn't, she wouldn't.

A desperate scream escaped her lips. A heady mixture of fear, self loathing, sadness and disbelief tore through her. Judith grabbed at the towel on the radiator and forced it against her mouth to stifle the sounds. In a split second her main concern was Mrs Flahertty. What if she heard her screaming? Mrs Flahertty was Judith's semi-retired neighbour, with a particularly nosey disposition, who owned the bungalow next to her own 3 bed rented one storey. "Oh screw her" Judith said aloud. In that moment, right there, she realised that  she had an integral role to play in the radio's write in scenario. Either that or someone else's life was just as messed up as hers. She flung back the lid of toilet and vomited. It wasn't the only time she did that that day.

The End

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