Every Face needs Name

Story in the making stars a boy named ashley

I walked slowly to bend in the road, the trepidation oozes out of my pores. This is where I leave everything behind. How can I just walk away? Without turning around that’s how! I have to start at the beginning if I really want to defend myself otherwise I feel I will be standing in a pool of your judgment and I really don’t know how to swim all that well.

I guess I will go back a little really everything started the day I decided I didn’t want my given name anymore I wanted to be free of the giant anchor my parents gave me. What kind of guy name is Ashley? I mean sure some guys really can pull it off if they are like 6’ 7 and two hundred and eighty pounds but I am not I have been described as undersized and girly by just about everyone. My mom swears undersized is better than small, scrawny and all the other demeaning names I have been called, but it sucks and I am so tired of being small and carrying around a freaking girls name too! I shout at her in frustration! She replies slowly” what name would you have like dear”? I don’t know even Carl would have been better! Whatever forget it! So I try to come up with something Carl’s okay but I don’t really even want that name. After weeks of frustration I decide I don’t need a name anyway most people just say hey you or what’s up bro anyway right?

I graduate finally and decide that’s it I am outta of this town  and I  get on this bus without a name heading into a big city where no one care what it is anyway! Freedom finally! I toss my license and all the junk with that cursed title on it and head for the stop.

I took the great grey chariot to chutney Massachusetts and decide hey why not Canada I can head further north and sneak through the border I am free I am the man with no name no past no stupid high school bullies teasing and no problems feel me man? I get off at the last stop before the border for a burger and some fries with no worries none at all.

I feel like I have been waiting in the heat forever waiting for the bus driver to finally get his butt in gear so we can blow this joint, when this girl comes up to me and we start to talk casually. She wants to go behind the bus stop building for a smoke, Hey whatever right I am cool I am the man with no name it’s got a cool ring to it so I tell her that’s my name no name ha.

We get back there and she lights up we talk about nothing while we lean up against the wall its cool we’re just hanging out when this big man walks up to us he’s got some swagger and I think he’s cool too. She really seems to recognize him even introduces him as her best bud and says how bout we hitch a ride with him?

He’s got a cool Camino all silver and it sure as something beats riding on that hot bus with the smelly travelers and screaming babies. I smile to myself things are looking up really looking up ….

The End

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