Every beggining has an end

You'll just have to read it and find out!

I came into this world of ours slowly, causing my mother much pain.  She just couldn't handle it and her life came to an end then and there.  I don't even have a faint memory of her.  After her death my father cleared every remnant of her that was in the house, leaving no trace that she had ever existed.

But, of course, he never did forget.  And neither did I.

Still, our lives moved on, and my father found someone else.  They say that stepmothers are vicious, cruel.  This woman wasn't.

She was worse.

Her and my dad met at parent/teacher night.  She's my evil math teacher.  I was only in 6th grade and I had a mother who hit me, screamed at me, emotionaly abused me, and sometimes made me sleep with the dog outside.  Then I have a dad who didn't know a thing and when my mother screamed at me he didn't do a thing.

But wait, there's more!

My mother treated me like crap in math, and crap at home, and whenever she saw me she gave me a vicious smile like, I can't wait until tonight.  I returned the glare.

I haad no other family that I knew of.  No siblings.  And, since my math teacher became my mother, no friends.  I was utterly alone.  I had nothing to look forward to in life.

Then I met Lenon.

The End

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