Every Advantage Possible

"You’re certainly not the first parent to consider this path," the doctor reassured her.  "We have a wealth of technology available to us today that did not exist even twenty years ago.  It’s natural to want every advantage for your child."

Kate fidgeted in her chair on the other side of his desk.  The office was very finely appointed, though the temperature was noticeably low, almost hermetic.  Two months ago, she would have mocked anyone suggesting that she'd engineer a child.  After her prenatal scans had revealed a significant chance of at least three minor-grade birth defects, such as myopia and susceptibility to addiction, she had undergone a rapid change of heart.  Her presence here today was purely pragmatic.

"I know," she resigned, "but won’t he or she be – boring?  I don't want to give birth to a baby robot."

His smile was well rehearsed. "Of course not.  The baby we would help you conceive will always be one that you and your husband would have produced on your own.  Our methods simply give you better odds on producing that child.  Or, if you choose, we also have the ability to include source material from multiple donors." 

Kate’s reservations waned.  "Multiple donors?"

"If you wish," the doctor replied.  "We can include material from a wide range of superlative donors – athletes, scientists, world leaders living or dead.  All material has been pre-screened and is maintained here at our facility.  Your imagination is the only limit.  No matter what you choose, however, the ultimate results are still at most 5.5% dependent on good old fashioned luck."

Kate leaned closer and lowered her voice.  "Do we have to use Dan’s material at all?"

The doctor's smile was very matter-of-fact.  "Not if you don’t want to."

The End

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