Golden dreams and silver linings part two. The Gods seemed to have abandoned the trinity when they found something wrong.

It has been over five hundred years since the trinity saved Karmine from total destruction. The Trinity split, taking a piece of Karmine for themselves. Our story starts at the Trinity hall where a council had convened to talk about a matter; and a very important matter it was.

Mune stood at the long oak table, the prophecy of the trinity was carved into it. To her left sat Juliexus, to the right sat Mexxi. At the other end a group of advisors sat chattering over each other.

The room was white marble, light was scattered around the room through stained glass windows. The floor was made out of multi-coloured mosaic tiles that mirrored the image on the roof; A map of the world, Karmine from the Lunar forest to the great Flaming Volcano. The hall itself stood at the junction of each elemental border. It was a pure, white marble emblem of Karmine. It embodied the strength and order that the Trinity brought to their world. A single light hit the building sending rays of light through the stained glass windows, casting a holy blue glow upon Mune.       

 Mune stamped her foot on the floor, her white mane was flecked with stripes of grey, higlighted by the blue strip of light. Her eyes worn with time. She looked down the table."Silence!" Her voice echoed through the almost empty hall. "You know why we are here, the God's have abandoned us." The councillors nodded, but Mune was not talking to them. She turned to her sisters. "What has happened? What have we done for such a thing to have happened surely we have not sinned so much?" Her voice grew thin, sorrow lined her whisper.

Far away from the Trinity hall a strange mechanism had landed, out from it a woman scrambled, her clothes were torn and stained with oil and blood. She turned, "John? John!" Her voice was frantic as she threw pieces of metal around, cutting her hands in the process. But 'John' could not be found. The human sat and wept, humans... in Karmine, the heart of fantasy. 

The End

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