"May I ask how you were before you lost your wife?"

"Um, sure, I guess I don't mind."

"You can say no Mr. Navarre and we'll just move on if you wish."

"I'm fine thanks, I'll be okay."


The fire died. I can only imagine there was some people nearby who put it out, it was burning strong when I looked and twenty minutes later I checked again and it was out. I had gone to fix up as I was going to have to leave the house to get more supplies. That doesn't just mean EverLife, I still had to eat and drink, wash and clean. But it does mean EverLife all the same and it was not easy getting hold of some, especially when you're the most famous addict about.


"We had a lovely little house in the suburbs. We had planned on children but my wife had just started a new job and we figured we had our whole life ahead of us. We had a dog though, Max, a golden retriever. It wasn't a special life from the outside but we had everything you could want. A home, love, money, comfort and a future. I was happy at my work and we had a good group of friends to meet up with."

"It sounds wonderful."

"We couldn't have been happier."


Drug dealers. Criminals. They had taken over. They had access to the drug after the looting, and access to the chemicals, equipment and the knowledge of how to make it. I needed access to their supply. I knew this one gang who I hadn't stolen from yet. My usual trick was to wait it out where I could see them, wait for a customer to approach and pay for theirs. I could then see where it's stashed, if it's stashed and then wait for the next junkie to distract them. I had been doing this for years, you get hairy moments but I had never been caught.


"But then it happened. I was at work when my boss came to my desk and asked me to go outside with him. I'd been expecting a promotion but when he said outside I realised it wasn't going to be that. I didn't react at all. I didn't know how to react. I was a loser before I had met my wife and the only reason I lived was for her. I'm not sure if I was trying to pretend it didn't happen or trying to make myself really understand what had happened. All I knew is that it was really bad."

"Mr. Navarre, I can see that this is clearly upsetting you, should we take a break?"

"That would be good, thankyou."

And with that, she left. She said she would be back in half an hour or so. I didn't even walk her outside. I'd been hit by my own words. Something I had said had me stunned. It's a basic animal instinct and I obviously don't have it. I didn't react.


I picked a rooftop nearby. I'd seen where they leave their stash and I was waiting for the next buyer. There they were, awkwardly walking towards it, they must have been only 16, probably got directions for some terrible favour. As they came back out the meagre supply, I was already on my way to the back of their house. The transaction was still going as I was opening their window, even with my hearing dulled from the K, I still heard the gun being cocked to my left.

The End

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