"My life was a shambles. After I was left alone, I couldn't get out of bed. I was put on compassionate leave by my work, but that was only for a few months, they said they understood my situation but they needed workers so I had to come back. I was a zombie, it wasn't life, it was persevering."

"So why did all this make you think eternal life is for you?"

"It didn't. Honestly, I thought it might kill me."


I woke up on the chair in my bathroom. Looking at my watch, I'd been asleep for nearly ten hours. I quickly fixed up to shake away the cobwebs. It wasn't good stuff, obviously mixed with some downer, ketamine perhaps. Yeah, that's right, we're not getting our monthly package from the health service anymore, not since the deaths and the riots that followed. Not everyone reacted to EverLife the same, and I was the poster boy for this drug and I'm relatively fine. Good for me, eh? It's not like people would blame me for the drug killing their sons and daughters, right?


"Do you know why you were chosen out of the thousands of applications?"

"Obviously they had done tests, they must have done tests, on animals or criminals and kept it all hush-hush. They had all of our medical records. I guess it was me who could fit into the glass slipper."

"And you were only doing this out of desperation?"

"It's not that simple. I didn't think it was legit. You hear about people letting themselves be tested on all the time for extra money. This was before the company was taken over before the government, if they had any credibility or reputation, I hadn't heard of it. I was depressed and an oppurtunity came knocking, I barely thought about it. Perhaps that was why I was chosen."


I peered through the boards on my window. The streets were deserted, not unusual, but it was quiet. There's no cars about since the riots and you can usually hear terrible things from miles away, but there was nothing. I clicked next to my ear to see if my hearing was okay but it was slightly dulled. I put it down to the drug being cut.


"What was it like when the treatment started?"

"It was a new age for mankind, optional life forever, cancer was cured, all diseases were cured, bones mended, brain cells regenerated. Dementia was running riot just before EverLife, it was probably the biggest reason why the research was funded. There were glory years as I was paraded around like a mute saviour, it went world wide. Then there were reports of deaths. People thought they were overdoses or idiots testing the drugs capabilities, but children, young children, started to die. Questions were asked and before whoever was in charge could even try to begin to answer them, people literally started dropping on the streets. The healthy ones were hunted out of spite and jealousy, people needed a scapegoat, as if they weren't as much to blame as anyone else."


All the sudden an explosion went off in the distance. I saw the cloud of the smoke rise and then the fire. It could only be so many miles away. Fires are quite common and on dry days they can take out whole streets until they cease. I figured I was safe enough, but I wasn't sure enough that I didn't keep checking the window. I made myself a drink and tried to imagine myself old and dying.

The End

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