"So where do I start?"

"Anywhere you like Mr. Navarre..."


I kept running. My backpack was slipping off my shoulders but there wasn't time to tighten the straps. I had to keep running. My house was only four streets away, I had the keys in my hand ready to unlock the door, but I had to get there before they saw where I lived.


"Well, the reason I applied for the EverLife treatment was due to the events of the years before. I had lost my wife in a car accident, my job was going nowhere but I had no desire to start again somewhere else. They offered me a lot of money for EverLife, not only that, but the fame that came with it would mean I wouldn't have to work again, so they said."

"But why would anyone want to live forever, Mr. Navarre? Didn't that cross your mind?"

"Would you believe that it would work? Excuse me one moment."

She smiled and nodded. I got up and walked to my bathroom. Who wants to live forever? Damn, she makes it sound like I'm invincible when I could easily take my razor to my wrists or jump out this window, then where would her interview be? Hah, imagine that, the interview with the EverLife man cut short because he died. It'd probably be the stuff of legends. But I already am legendary. Hell, we all are.


I can see my door. I reach it and in one swift movement, I unlock and open it. Once inside I look out the window to see if anyone is there. Nothing. They must have stopped a few streets back. I step away from the window and go to the bathroom to top up.


I take out the syringe and a half full vial from the cupboard. Yeah, I'm a junkie. EverLife is the fix, my friend. EverLife, it's a cell regeneration fluid, a plasma-placenta-pick-me-up. I'm not too certain of the science, perhaps if I was I wouldn't have signed up in the first place. The first few years were great. My dodgy knee started to feel better and my lung capacity improved despite my smoking. But they were truly the honeymoon years. Dependency kicked in. I started getting headaches and back pains after cutting down the dosage. They never said about this. I asked them and I was told that research shows it's probably due to my diet or sleep pattern in relation to the drug. I agreed with them seeing as I had no choice. I upped my dosage and things were back to normal.


     I filled the syringe and plunged it into my arm. My dizziness left. I calmed down and fell back on my seat. A coolness ran through my body, starting at my arm and working it's way through the blood. If you've ever had anaesthetic injected into your arm, and your arm feels very cold as you feel it numb you, EverLife's green goo was a bit like that. I remember someone telling me you get the same sensation when you're dying.


"Welcome back Mr. Navarre. I hope everything is fine, yes?"

"Sure is, I feel good as new, let's continue."

The End

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