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Lana felt uncomfortable with Zade and Annabelle. It was unnatural for a lone female to be traveling with a mated couple. Rarer still was it for three werewolves to all be in the same place. She felt like a third wheel and was terrified for the next moon. Terrified that Zade's instincts would drive him to kill her.

Shivering, she followed Zade and Annabelle along the trail.

"Lana! Come up here!" Annabelle called back cheerfully.

It still shocked her that Anna had accepted her so easily. The girl had killed a witch. Lana decided to remain on guard around her, friend or no friend.

She jogged to catch up with them, walking alongside them.

"Where are we going to go next?" Lana asked.

Zade squeezed Annabelle's hand, "We just have to keep moving."

He glanced over his shoulder fearfully, as though he might see government agents burst out of the trees at any moment.

His fears were correct.

On their trail was special agent Peter Donavon, armed to the teeth with silver weapons.

He'd been following the trio for the past two weeks, steering clear of them the past two nights due to the full moon. According to his superiors, the male was deadly and had to be terminated.

Peter didn't look like a killer at first sight. He was bald, large and cheerful. Until he was called upon by his country. Then you saw his darkness, the cold steely grey eyes that barely focused upon its target. He didn't want to see what he was doing, who he was killing. So he never really looked at who he was going to shoot. Peter simply pulled the trigger, closing his eyes as the bullet slid down the shaft.

Mr.Donavon's life as a government agent was a whole other side of him that he kept hidden from the public view. Especially from his wife and children.

He crouched in the bushes near the forest path, rifle leveled at Zade's head. He blinked a few times, staring at the boy for a moment.

"He's just a kid," Peter muttered under his breath.

Zade must have heard him because his head snapped around, dark eyes staring straight at Peter Donovan.

The agent lowered his weapon, standing up with his hands in the air. He dropped the rifle at his feet, kicking it away.

The three lycanthropes stopped walking, staring at the man in shock.

He shook his head sadly, "Nobody told me you were kids,"

The End

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