Lana awakened just as the sun peeked over the horizon, the light changing all three of the travelers into their human forms.

Three humans naked in a forest. Lana giggled quietly at this, slightly intoxicated by the taste of human blood in her mouth from the night before. Zade and Annabelle were curled up next to eachother. It touched Lana's heart in a way she didn't quite like. Now that Annabelle was a lycanthrope, things were different. Lana could no longer fight for Zade. Anna was his mate, by species and by love.

There was nothing left. Lana glanced around the clearing, a little lost. She had been a loner for so long. If she lived alone another day, she was certain she would die.

Picking herself up off the forest floor, Lana walked through the trees to a nearby river. It was deep, sharp jagged rocks protruding from the bank. She could almost imagine the rocks cutting into her, the raging torrent carrying her away as she slowly drowned.

It would be so easy. All she needed to do was jump.

A hand rested lightly on Lana's shoulder.

Whirling around, she found that it was Annabelle. The poor girl was a bedraggled mess, dirt and blood on her body in odd places from the long gone wounds that Lana had inflicted.

"Don't Lana. I don't want you to die,"

Lana blinked, confused, "But...but I wanted you to die,"

Annabelle nodded slowly, "I..I understand now. The power. The rage," Her pupils dilated for a moment, filling her eyes like black pools. Then they shrank back. She blinked, clearing it away as though it were nothing.

Lana shook her head, "Still....,"

The two naked girls stood facing each other in silence for some time.

Zade awoke to the sound of their laughter as they fell into hysteria, clutching each other on the bank of the river.

The End

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