Lana paced back and forth, eyeing the second full moon hovering in the night sky above.

Was Zade aware that there were twin full moons that month?

Pausing, Lana pricked up her ears at the sound of guttural sexual noises.

Oh dear God...He doesn't know about the moon....

Images of Zade tearing Annabelle to shreds filled her mind. She grinned wickedly, lips pulling back to reveal sharp white teeth.

Bounding through the trees, she burst into the clearing. Already, Zade's muscles were rippling, sleek silver pelt appearing on his shoulders.

Lana bunched her muscles, leaping for Annabelle atop of Zade. She had no intention of saving the wretched girl. She was going to finish her off.

The black shewolf's jaws closed around Annabelle's waist, teeth sinking into flesh. The sharp taste of blood filled Lana's mouth, tingling hot on her tongue. She whirled around, growling in the pit of her throat as Zade rose up as a werewolf, dazed and confused.

The human girl wriggled, pressing down on Lana's bottom jaw, her screams scaring birds from the trees. Lana punished her attempts, squeezing harder. Blood trickled to the ground, Annabelle's cries reducing to a whimper.

Zade snarled, leaping onto Lana's back. He clawed at her eyes, biting her ears.

Ignoring the pain, Lana rolled over on top of Zade, squirming away from him. He was so much larger - Lana was truly frightened. What on earth was she thinking?

The silver werewolf towered over Lana, his eyes wild and dark.

Lana shrank back, dropping Annabelle.

But the damage was already done. The human girl lay shivering and naked on the forest floor, her ribs exposed by the savage bites that Lana had inflicted. Blood pooled beneath her, crimson and glittering in the moonlight.

Lana looked down at Annabelle and back up at Zade, awaiting his decision.

The dying girl, or the black shewolf.

The End

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