Lana found herself fascinated by Zade. It was rare for her to find another like her, especially a male. He had strong dark eyes that were hypnotizing to look at.

Although overprotective of his human, Lana found herself warming to Zade.


Zade announced that the three of them would leave – it was no longer safe to stay where the government could find them; they would soon find the carnage at the warehouse.


Lana was unaware of the uprising of both humans and supernaturals, but she followed Zade and Annabelle all the same. Like Vesta, she wanted Zade – but not for the same reasons as the witch had.

They left on foot, hitchhiking along the nearest interstate.

Metal cars whizzed to and fro, lights bright against the early dawn.


It was cold too, chilly. Fall was coming. Lana pulled the jacket Annabelle had loaned her tighter around her shoulders.

A foul taste came to her tongue when she saw Zade and Annabelle close together, bodies sharing warmth.

Lana spat on the ground, continuing the long gruesome walk behind the happy couple.


Thinking back, Lana remembered that tonight’s moon would be special.


“Fool,” She muttered, knowing that Zade was unaware of this. Tonight was the night.


Lana took in a deep breath of the cool air, releasing a cloud before her as she exhaled.


Yes, tonight was the night.

The End

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