She watched from the darkness, hunkering down against the forest floor.

She had detected the presence of another werewolf in her territory.

But this one was different.

He showed almost complete control over his body, even if his mind did not believe it. Lana however, was not in control.

Her instincts drove her, the smell of a young male attracting her.

She silently thanked whatever insane god created a monster such as her for giving her, her ebony black pelt.

Zade and Annabelle were not aware of her presence, too caught up in each other.

It sickened Lana to watch one of her own kind fall for a human.

Once, long ago, Lana had been completely human and not the half-thing that she was now.

She knew it was hard in the beginning to cope with being a werewolf.


And so, with pride, Lana lifted her head into the light of the moon, in clear sight of Zade, her ears lying flat in a submissive gesture.

She padded into the open, sidestepping to show the much larger werewolf that she had not come to fight.


Zade bared his teeth, a low growl in his throat.

Lana, in response, lay down, rolling over to expose her stomach, another submissive gesture.


She closed her eyes, awaiting the silver werewolf’s judgment.

The End

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